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Hospedaje en la Nube Aspect

La Nube global de Aspect es la plataforma hospedada de comunicación multicanal más grande en el mundo, con centros de datos en América del Norte, Europa y Asia. Hemos desarrollado una profunda experiencia en la provisión de arquitecturas “carrier-grade” masivas y mejores prácticas que ayudan a nuestros clientes a transformar su experiencia de cliente, reduciendo costos e innovando en formas que nunca se creyeron posibles.
Fecha: 31/07/2020       
Aspect Proactive Engagement Suite, Aspect Quality Management

Aspect Workforce Mobile Data Sheet

Aspect Workforce Mobile provides immediate access for your staff and management to your Aspect Workforce Management system directly from their mobile devices. Empower agents to self-manage their schedules remotely, and provide supervisors with the tools they need to track schedules, agent requests and intra-day performance from smart phones and tablet devices while they are “on the go.”
Fecha: 14/07/2020       
Workforce Optimization, Aspect Workforce Management

Aspect Engagement Analytics Connector for Aspect Performance Management Datasheet

Aspect Performance Management (APM) can quickly reveal valuable new insights by enabling the tracking of personal and group performance vs. goal in a wide range of KPIs with data sourced from many contact center systems. To capture important metrics from the actual contents of customer conversations, you also need Engagement Analytics data. This connector allows APM to source categories, scores and metrics for APM.
Fecha: 26/06/2020       
Workforce Optimization, Aspect Performance Management, Aspect Engagement Analytics

Estudio de Caso de BAC Credomatic

Los bots de autoservicio y los agentes en vivo se unen para ofrecer al cliente experiencias excepcionales.
Fecha: 19/06/2020       
Contact Center, Workforce Optimization, Aspect Workforce Management, Aspect Via Platform

What You Need to Know About Aspect Workforce Management in the Cloud

Organizations have discovered the many benefits of cloud delivery. Learn why Aspect WFM in the cloud is a great first step in moving your contact center to the cloud.
Fecha: 24/01/2020       
Contact Center, Workforce Optimization, Aspect Via Platform, Other, Aspect Workforce Optimization

Globe Telecom Case Study

Globe Telecom, Inc. (Globe) is a major provider of telecommunications services in the Philippines. Aside from consumer services, Globe Telecom offers business solutions to enterprise and corporate customers. Learn how Globe Telecom improve the quality of all customer interactions and lower operational cost through Aspect Unified IP.
Fecha: 17/06/2019       
Contact Center, Aspect Unified IP

CX Pro’s Guide to Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics is usually thought of as a way to improve agent quality, but it can be a very powerful tool for understanding the Voice of the Customer. This insightful report explains in detail how speech analytics can take CX to new levels.
Fecha: 16/04/2019       
Workforce Optimization, Aspect Performance Management, Aspect Quality Management, Aspect Workforce Management

Resultados 1 - 7 de 82
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