What is Voice Biometrics?


With the continued rise of identity theft and also the desire by companies to securely help customers access information as rapidly as possible, “voice biometrics” has emerged as a way to answer these challenges and secure customer data. Voice biometrics can be used alone to provide a convenient method of authentication or as part of a two-factor authentication process, combined with something the customer “knows” (like a password or PIN) or “has” (like a caller ID or ANI value, or credit card) to provide an extra layer of security for sensitive information and financial transactions.

Our Voice Biometrics Partners

Historically, voice biometrics has been difficult to install and configure within an application. Aspect has partnered with four leading voice biometrics providers to make voice biometrics implementation simple, and you can try it now by integrating their sample code.

CSIdentity’s VoiceVerified® provides unique value to businesses and consumers, as it is the only voice biometric solution with an integrated identity verification and authentication platform. The multi-factor authentication system allows organizations to reliably verify and authenticate an individual’s identity before enrolling their voice print. CSIdentity’s VoiceVerified solution supports Red Flag and HIPPA compliance while simultaneously combating fraud and enabling businesses to enhance the customer experience and security while reducing average time per call. CSIdentity VoiceVerified offers solutions for securing online data, call center transactions or mobile commerce connections.
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Auraya Systems, developers of ArmorVox Speaker Identity System, is a globally recognized expert on voice authentication solutions. Our voice biometrics software and services are delivered worldwide to government agencies, financial services, healthcare, mobile and telecommunications companies, in partnership with our authorized network of innovative IVR and voice systems integrators. ArmorVox is the first voice biometric product to fuse text-independent, text- dependent and text-prompted voice verification in a single software product. This provides applications developers, systems integrators. and solutions providers with the functionality to build richer and more flexible biometric solutions with enhanced security, convenience and ability to better meet their end-user customers’ business requirements.
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TradeHarbor’s Voice Signature ServiceSM uses a person’s voice as their unique identifier, enabling real-time authentication and authorization of telephone and Internet transactions anywhere in the world. The Voice Signature ServiceSM can be added to existing VoiceXML applications with simple subdialog calls or added to web pages or applications using simple server-side scripts. TradeHarbor’s service can be used to provide protection against identity theft, protected access to financial information, secure login for remote workers, secure mobile devices and payments, automated authentication and increased call center operator efficiency, protection for personal health information and increased customer satisfaction.
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Voice Biometrics Group
Voice Biometrics Group’s (VBG) team has over eight years of proven experience delivering voice authentication services via our IVR platform. VBG’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model allows developers to quickly and easily integrate voice authentication into their IVR, call center, enterprise, and mobile applications. VBG’s next generation voice biometric engine is text and language independent and supports static passphrases, random numbers, and natural speech – giving customers maximum flexibility. And, our simple VoiceXML API allows dialog designers to quickly and easily integrate enrollment and verification functions into their applications – without the need for advanced programming skills. VBG has clients and partners around the world and has deployed applications in multiple industries, including: financial services, law enforcement, insurance, electronics manufacturing, online education, entertainment, mobile workforce, and clinical research.
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