You are an existing customer of Monument Outdoors who has signed up to receive updates and offers.

You are an existing customer of Monument Outdoors who has signed up to receive updates and offers. 

Tap the new message notification

to continue.

You receive an invite to an exclusive sales event to preview the newest outdoor sports equipment for the upcoming Fall season and shop with a discount.


The text message is more than a mere notification. It invites you to respond on the spot and engage in a conversation to confirm your attendance. It even offers to get connected with a sales representative for any questions.


You decide to confirm with Monument Outdoors that you are interested in attending by responding via text.



The system can process responses in plain English (and many more languages) using Natural Language Understanding.


The interaction is fully automated yet looks and feels like a conversation with a person. The responses from Monument Outdoors come within seconds.


This is Interactive Text Response (ITR).


After a short on-the-spot interaction, the in-store visit is confirmed for the 6th.


The system confirms everything with a final message.


You visit the store on the 6th and are shopping for a new sleeping bag to take on a camping trip in November.


Having only shopped online before, you don't know the store layout and aren't sure where the camping section is. Instead of having to look for an employee, you text back to the same number that invited you to the sale.



The ITR application easily understands the "where is <productname>" syntax and gives the location of the sleeping bag display along with a planogram link to visually give directions.

Click the embeded link in the text message

The link is pointing to a disposable app. 


Disposable apps are special-purpose mobile Web apps that work on all smartphones, do not require prior download, and let you accomplish tasks more efficiently by sending you directly to relevant context derived from the prior engagement, bypassing tedious log-in or menu screens.



Knowing the customer – based on their phone number – the link provides more than a generic in-store map. It takes the context of the conversation into account and points the customer to the specific section requested.


Beyond the static content of the map, the customer can get access to their account, a shopping list of saved items and in-app help for further assistance.



Not knowing much about the various sleeping bag ratings, it would be helpful to talk with an employee face to face.


While ITR applications can parse through text to find the most likely intent, we can flag for specific phrases such as “need help” to dispatch someone right to the customer.


Because the application tracks context, Monument knows the customer is in the sleeping bag section from their prior interactions. 


That’s what we call Experience Continuity. 


Using context cookies, the solution builds a repository of contextual data of all interactions betw