You are a customer of Monument Utilities. You have opted out of automatic meter reading.


Fortunately, Monument Utilities makes it easy to report your meter reading, as they let you choose the communication channel and are available 24/7 – through self-service.


You have an old flip phone and don’t text a lot. You therefore choose to report your meter reading via a phone call.

Tap the Call icon to place a

phone call.

Monument Utilities knows you are a customer by checking your caller ID and looking up your profile in their CRM system. They also know that you usually report your meter readings, and it is that time of the month again. They can therefore predict the reason for your call and make it easy for you to activate that option.


The IVR application is designed to be user-centric. It adapts to your pace; it waits until you’re ready to report the reading.


That was easy! A short interaction with the automated system lets you report your meter. It saves Monument Utilities money, and lets you report your reading at a time that is convenient for you.





Automated Self-Service Script

Agent-Assisted Live Dialog

11:35 AM

Menu    Numbers


Call            Store

11:35 AM




Menu           END

11:35 AM



Welcome to Monument Utilities. Are you calling to report your meter readings?

Great. Both your electric and gas readings are due. To start, please say or enter your electric meter reading. If you are not ready yet, say ‘hold on'

Just to confirm. Your current reading is Eight – Three – Eight – Nine – Five. Did I get that right?

Thank you. Next, please say or enter your gas meter reading.

Just to confirm. Your gas meter reading is Four – Three – Two – Two – Two. Did I get that right?

Thank you. We have captured this month’s meter readings. Goodbye!


Eight three eight nine five

Four three two two two