Evan, we hope you had a great Monument Outdoors experience at our store yesterday. Can we ask you two short questions about your experience?


1. What was the most positive aspect of your visit?

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1:45 PM


I was able to quickly get help without having to find someone.

1. On a scale from 0 (least likely) to 10 (most likely), how likely would you recommend Monument Outdoors to friends or family?

Monument Outdoors


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The day after the in-store experience, Monument Outdoors sends the customer a request to complete a short survey – again over a message on Facebook Messenger. It is the channel of the customer’s choice after all!


The ITR solution can analyze the free-form responses and provide aggregated feedback on sentiment collected through this survey.


Automated Self-Service Script

Hi, this is Marvin from Monument Outdoors. You have a question about how to take good care of your new cookware?