Customer Engagement Platform

Aspect Via® is a one-of-a-kind customer engagement platform that covers all the customer service bases while taking full advantage of Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud services and infrastructure. The Aspect Via platform approach eliminates the headaches and costs of maintaining traditional, loosely coupled contact centre point solutions for your call centre, self-service/IVR and workforce management needs.

With Aspect Via, everything comes together, rallying the entire enterprise around the customer experience as the contact centre operations and mindset are mainstreamed into the larger enterprise.

Aspect Via is a complete customer engagement solution powered by a set of native customer service capabilities and designed to integrate into the larger customer-driven enterprise. Based entirely on proven technology from Aspect’s comprehensive portfolio, while utilising our latest next-generation components, the Aspect Via customer engagement platform brings the full convenience, security and reliability of the AWS cloud plus:

  • Native IM, WFO, and self-service capabilities
  • Common configuration and administration across all capabilities
  • Shared real-time and historical reporting across all capabilities
  • Personalised, role-based UX for agents, team leads, and administrators
  • Delivery of new features through a reliable SOA cloud architecture
  • A rich set of APIs to support external integrations including dashboard widgets and CRM systems


Customer Engagement Centre-Aspect Via
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Enable omni-channel self-service and a consistent, personalised experience across all customer touch points. Dynamically tailor and ease self-service interactions by managing customer preferences and segmentation data. WATCH VIDEO

Process and People Optimisation

Optimise your operations with complete workforce, quality and performance management capabilities to engage agents, drive quality customer interactions and improve service. WATCH VIDEO

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Offer a consistent and seamless cross-channel experience when customers engage, enquire and request service via whatever channel suits them. WATCH VIDEO

Agent Empowerment

Empower agents to provide a better customer experience through intuitive, modern technologies that can positively transform their work environment. WATCH VIDEO

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Proactive Outreach

Provide critical information through the most effective channel, supporting increases in productivity, service satisfaction, recovered debt and sales revenues. WATCH VIDEO

Reporting and Analytics

Understand the customer journey from self-service through to live assistance with complete customer engagement reporting and analytics to help focus on operational efficiency and service strategies. WATCH VIDEO


Service Intelligence

Deliver personalised interactions in and across every channel by tailoring the customer experience using interaction and customer data and personal preferences - turning routine interactions into strong customer connections. WATCH VIDEO



Streamline contact centre operations and support with a single SaaS solution covering contact centre interaction management, workforce optimisation and self-service capabilities, unified by a common user interface (UI) for configuration and administration and shared real-time and historical reporting.

Workforce Optimisation Packages

Increase agent productivity while enhancing their daily work lives – and elevate the overall customer experience in the process – with Aspect’s market leading workforce management and performance management solutions now conveniently offered via the AWS cloud.

Aspect Via Shared Cloud Services provide the perfect setting for the industry’s most comprehensive customer engagement cloud platform, harnessing the full power and benefits of SaaS.

Deployed in AWS, Aspect Via AWS Cloud Services provide the security, scalability, and availability characteristics inherent in the AWS architecture. It leverages Amazon cloud virtualisation techniques such as Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Relational Database Service (RDS), Availability Zones (AZs), and Amazon S3 storage.

In addition, the MyAspect portal is the entryway to Aspect Via Cloud Services, providing single sign-on, straightforward provisioning, transparent billing and reporting, and flexible, cost-efficient telephony.

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“We had no visibility into the process or interactions that our employees were having. Aspect revolutionised that. We have a peace of mind that everyone who comes into the organisation is being contacted an adequate amount of times to increase our bottom line.”

Bill Tsouvalas, Founder and CEO, Savvy

What is a Customer Engagement Platform?

A Customer Engagement Platform is an all-in-one solution that has substantial advantages over more traditional, loosely integrated contact centre point solutions. It brings together native contact centre interaction management, WFO and self-services capabilities along with the cloud services and infrastructure needed for continuous delivery of new functionality and easy integration with enterprise data sources and workflows.

Companies use these platforms to create customer engagement solutions that excel in continuing the conversation across channels without losing context, helping customers find answers through both self-service and agent engagement options.