Workforce Planning Tools

“A user interface that incorporates proven design principles reduces on-boarding costs and contributes to greater agent and customer satisfaction.”

– Dick Bucci, Principal, Pelorus Associates

Employee Engagement is the Key to Customer Engagement

Every contact center supervisor knows that the attitude of your agents has a huge effect on their productivity and the impression they leave with customers. Research studies have shown this as well. With the democratization of customer service via social media and increasing use of self service IVR to handle simpler customer interactions, the role of the agent is becoming increasingly important in the customer service ecosystem.

Today’s Agents have High Expectations

People of every ilk are keenly aware of the sweeping changes technology is bringing to the human existence. Smartphones are commonplace in most industrialized nations and with them comes easy access to new communication channels and the expectation of simplified human-computer interactions. Agents are keenly aware as well. When they come to work, they expect to see the same radically simplified, graphical user interface they enjoy on their smartphones. They expect to use software that has been optimized for them just as they can on their phones and with popular desktop software from Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Aspect leads the way in agent engagement. For decades, Aspect has been providing highly effective workforce planning software. Aspect has also kept pace in providing extremely user friendly workforce optimization tools. For example, the Aspect® Workforce Optimization suite incorporates a common modern, graphical, icon and widget-based user interface that makes historically complex workforce planning actions a snap. By removing this technology barrier, Aspect is enhancing the work lives of millions of agents and empowering them to be better at what they do all day long. We’re also giving agents easy access to workforce planning tools via smartphones using our Workforce Mobile solution, so they can manage their schedule from anywhere with ease.

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