Workforce Management In the Cloud

Enterprise-class workforce management with all of the advantages of cloud delivery.

Deliver enterprise-class workforce management with all of the advantages of cloud delivery and seamless integration with your Aspect® Zipwire® cloud contact center or Aspect Outbound Cloud solution. To achieve both cost efficiencies and superior customer experiences, it is important that your staffing levels and employee skills are always matched to market demand. Aspect® Workforce Management in the Cloud helps you achieve targeted service levels without staff overages or shortfalls – accurately forecast, easily schedule and automatically track adherence in the inbound, outbound and blended voice channels as well as chat, email and other favored customer interaction channels.

Cloud delivery of Aspect Workforce Management ensures that agents and supervisors are fully engaged, enjoying a great user experience and are highly productive. In the course of interacting with customers, agents should not struggle deciphering complex screens or flipping between applications. Aspect Workforce Management sports a simple, intuitive interface using concepts familiar to web users – such as a shopping cart when agents look to schedule or ‘check out’ time off. Agents control their own scheduling needs with a self-service interface that includes simple schedule trades, sequential shift bids and a schedule trades bulletin board.

Aspect Workforce Management makes it easy to meet your workforce management challenges with advanced functionality like the ability to review multiple scenarios and test schedules that fit your needs and resource limitations, pre-configured reports and dashboard widgets that track historical performance, real-time performance and schedule adherence, integrated employee data including group assignment, schedule preference, skills and seat reservations, alerts when performance falls below prescribed thresholds, real-time ability to adjust intraday scheduling to meet changing conditions, staffing by channel and skill, and all the advantages of cloud deployment like rapid implementation, easy scalability, and lower total cost of ownership.

This Aspect solution helps drive business success because your company depends on sustaining great service levels and cost management practices – no matter the size of your contact center.

Learn more about Aspect Workforce Management in the Cloud by downloading the datasheet.

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