Aspect Workforce Optimization Packages

The best tools for a high efficiency workforce.

Over the past several years, the arsenal of tools available to contact center managers has evolved significantly. What was once the domain of spreadsheets and simple call recording is now a complex system of diverse and integrated call center workforce optimization tools featuring the latest phonetic-based speech analytics technologies and enterprise-wide workforce management tools. The Aspect® Workforce Optimization family of offerings gives you an affordable way to enjoy the latest and most effective technologies with a logical upgrade path from your existing workforce optimization configuration. Aspect has a solution for contact centers and back offices of every type and size:

Aspect Workforce Optimization Basic

No matter what your type of business, Aspect Workforce Optimization Basic can dramatically improve the quality and efficiency of your contact center. This affordable yet powerful package includes the following WFO components:

  • Aspect Workforce Management Inbound – full featured, award winning, inbound workforce management with sophisticated forecasting and scheduling capability
  • Aspect Empower – flexible self-service requesting, reviewing and automatic approving of schedule changes as well as communicating those changes as they occur
  • Aspect Perform – provides real-time monitoring of agent adherence to schedules as well as individual and summary views of agent productivity
  • Aspect Performance Management Basic – collect, correlate and analyze contact center data from many sources and draw valuable insights
  • Aspect Recording – call and screen recording and playback with AES 256 bit encryption and pause/resume for PCI compliance
  • Aspect Surveys – web-based surveys for customer measured quality insights into agent performance
  • Aspect Quality Monitoring – supervisor, agent and customer evaluations using definable evaluation forms as well as evaluation calibration
  • Aspect Coaching – Automatically determine the need for coaching and initiate coaching actions
Aspect Workforce Optimization Advanced

For the larger and more complex contact centers, Aspect offers Aspect Workforce Optimization Advanced. The Advanced version of Aspect Workforce Optimization addresses the needs of a wide range of contact center operations. This package includes all of the above WFO functions as well as the following:

  • Aspect Workforce Management Outbound – full featured workforce management for outbound contact centers with the same sophisticated forecasting and scheduling capability of our inbound solution
  • Aspect Allocate - allows you to balance your workforce across multiple global sites
  • Aspect Reserve - automated seat planning and management tool
  • Aspect Encompass - allows your contact centers and outsourcers to share WFM data so you can fully balance all of your workforce resources
  • Aspect Speech Analytics – essential speech analytics capability, so you can spot problems which you were not aware of
  • Aspect eLearning – diverse collection of computer based training courses relevant to most contact center challenges
Aspect Workforce Optimization Enterprise

Many organizations, especially larger ones, take a holistic view of the workforce. That’s the way Aspect addresses the challenge of optimally managing many employees while trying to ensure that each employee is as engaged in his or her work as possible. The Enterprise version of Aspect Workforce Optimization embraces the view that front office and back office employees can be managed better and often even blended in their daily tasks. This comprehensive offering includes all of the features and functions of the Advanced version but also includes the following:

  • Aspect Back Office – complex work task distribution, real-time work redistribution, tracking, and performance monitoring for an efficiently running back office operation meeting target SLAs
  • Aspect Desktop Analytics - gain deep insight into every keystroke and use of applications on the employee desktop

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