Aspect Workforce Management Packages

Managing your workforce for the best customer experience at the lowest cost.

In many organizations, recording and quality monitoring are working well, but optimally managing the contact center or back office workforce is a real challenge. If you want to ensure that the right employee is available at the right time to do a specific type of work, you need robust call center workforce management software, especially in environments with many employees, high turnover, diverse skill requirements or any combination of those factors. Aspect has a workforce management package that’s suited to the unique needs of your contact center. Consider the following family of Aspect® Workforce Management packages:

Aspect Workforce Management Basic

Whether large or small, every contact center needs to forecast call volumes, schedule properly skilled agents and track adherence to their schedules. Aspect Workforce Management is ranked as the #1 workforce management platform in the industry. This workforce management package includes the following software components:

  • Aspect Workforce Management – Full featured inbound workforce management with sophisticated forecasting and scheduling capability
  • Aspect Empower – Flexible self-service requesting, reviewing and automatic approving of schedule changes as well as communicating those changes as they occur
  • Aspect Perform – Provides real-time monitoring of agent adherence to schedules as well as individual and summary views of agent productivity
Aspect Workforce Management Advanced

Many contact centers have workforce management needs that go beyond just inbound WFM and require a broader view of contact center performance. Aspect Workforce Management Advanced is the logical choice for these contact centers because it offers all of the above plus sophisticated workforce management for outbound calls as well as a number of other important software components. This package includes:

  • Aspect Allocate - Allows you to balance your workforce across multiple global sites
  • Aspect Reserve - An automated seat planning and management tool.
  • Aspect Encompass - Allows your contact centers and outsources to share WFM data so you can fully balance all of your workforce resources.
  • Aspect Performance Management Basic - A powerful data collection, aggregation and analysis tool that gives you a complete picture of how your center is operating.
Aspect Workforce Management Enterprise

Our most comprehensive call center workforce management software package is designed with the entire enterprise in mind. In addition to all of the capabilities of Aspect Workforce Management Advanced, this package integrates more advanced performance management, coaching, desktop analytics and back office optimization. Components include:

  • Aspect Performance Management Enterprise - Powerful data analysis that can be integrated with any contact center or back office system as well as full coaching workflows.
  • Aspect Desktop Analytics - Deep insight into every keystroke and application on the employee desktop whether in the front or back office.
  • Aspect Back Office - All the work distribution, tracking, and performance monitoring needed for an efficiently running back office operation.

The Aspect Workforce Management Enterprise package will allow you to manage your entire enterprise workforce as effectively as it can be managed.

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