Aspect Recording and Quality Management Packages

Ensuring the Highest Quality Customer Interactions

Recording and quality management are at the very heart of most contact centers whether you have 50 agents or 50,000 agents. Aspect offers a family of workforce optimization packages for those operations that are concerned primarily about maintaining very high quality interactions throughout the contact center and taking corrective action when quality falls below expectations. Here’s the family of products:

This package is designed for entry level contact centers that require only the bare essential capacity to record, archive, index and play back voice and screen recordings in an environment that is PCI compliant.

Aspect Recording Basic includes our richly featured Aspect Recording software as well as 256 bit AES encryption and SecureAgent start/stop recording to ensure confidential data is not included in call and screen recordings.

Aspect Quality Management Advanced

For more advanced operations that need basic call and screen recording (above) as well as quality monitoring, surveys, performance management and coaching, we offer Aspect Quality Management Advanced.

This feature-rich package provides a complement of WFO capabilities that can drive your NPS and customer sat scores in a meaningful way, yet is offered at an affordable price. Get a broad picture of agent performance including agent, mentor and customer measured quality in a balanced scorecard and automatically trigger the coaching necessary to keep agents operating at their best and ensure customers are happy.

For those contact centers that are larger and more sophisticated than most, we offer Aspect Quality Management Enterprise which includes all of the above features plus speech analytics and eLearning.

This “top end” of the recording and quality management family gives users the ability to identify quality and operational problems they did not even know existed, as well as rapidly zero in on the details of problems that have already become evident. With the ability to monitor 100% of calls rather than just a sampling, it can dramatically improve quality across the entire contact center. Of course, eLearning is a major asset as well, giving your agents an easy way to improve their skills when deficiencies are identified.


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