Aspect eLearning

eLearning is the best method for dealing with an increasingly virtual work force that includes remote and work-at-home agents.

- Donna Fluss

Keeping your agents operating at peak performance.

One of the most common complaints from agents is that they don’t get enough training. When agents are trained they feel empowered and when agents feel empowered they deliver great customer experiences, operating at peak efficiency.

With each agent having access to a desktop on a daily basis, it becomes the ideal vehicle for enterprises to deliver much needed and much appreciated training courses. Currently, most contact centers still use standard classroom training for many training needs, but training delivered to the desktop can be very effective and individually tailored to the needs of each agent.

Aspect® eLearning includes:

  • A rich portfolio of computer based training courses relevant to most contact center challenges
  • Ability to schedule training at the most appropriate times, especially when call volumes are low
  • eLearning sessions that you can assign automatically or manually based on agent performance
  • Assignment to individual agents or teams of agents
  • Quizzes at end of eLearning modules to test agent absorption
  • Ability for agents to request access to training for approval by supervisors
  • Ability to create and add new eLearning modules to the roster of eLearning coureses

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