Aspect Desktop Analytics

“Desktop analytics is becoming increasingly popular.  The powerful application effectively speeds up the decision-making process by periodically wading through large volumes of customer data related to interactions.”

- Dick Bucci, Chief Analyst, Pelorus Associates

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Know Exactly What is Happening on Your Agent’s Desktops

Contact centers are complex organisms, and you often want to know at a detailed level what agents are doing on their desktops to gather insights that can give you quantum leaps in productivity and quality. Desktop analytics gives you access to a complete history of system response times, agent keystrokes, specific applications accessed, links followed…essentially everything happening on the agent desktop in both the front office and back office. From this rich collection of data, you can identify productivity bottlenecks, develop agent desktop metrics, service compliance problems, surface system performance delays, highlight opportunities for improving the agent experience, improve agent applications, and much more.

Making the Most of Your Desktop Data

Aspect® Desktop Analytics gives you the power to get the most from the wealth of information available on the agent’s desktop. Using Aspect® Activity Insight, you can capture, monitor and report about the desktop. With Aspect® Activity Automation, you can automate repetitive tasks and simplify the agent’s job using that data.

Aspect Activity Insight

Aspect Activity Insight provides intelligence on desktop activity by capturing, storing, and reporting activities and events across applications, time and users to map employee effort and highlight areas of improvement in business processes, compliance, training, and application utilization. Example benefits include:

  • Measure idle time and time on task
  • Monitor for compliance and rules
  • Target bottlenecks and process issues
  • Supply data to third party applications
  • Identify redundant and erroneous data entry

Aspect Activity Automation

Aspect Activity Automation eliminates wasted time and agent frustration that often occurs because multiple applications are being used on the desktop, but these applications were not originally designed to integrate with each other. Example benefits include:

  • Implement single sign-on
  • Eliminate copy and pastes
  • Move data between apps and screens
  • Automate customer look-up and search
  • Complete on-line forms and PDFs


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