Back Office Optimization

Around 73% of the human resource and 60% of the knowledge needed for the customer experience resides in the back office.

– European Business Review


Your back office operations are often the very heart of your organization, but do you know whether they are working efficiently and serving your customers as well? Historically, intelligent work routing and workforce optimization tools have been applied only in the front line contact center using ACDs, workforce management, performance management, quality monitoring, coaching, analytics and other WFO software. Aspect takes an enterprise-wide view of operational efficiency and customer engagement with solutions that allow you to get the very best from both your front and back office, separately and working as one cohesive unit.


To improve coordination between the front and back office, you unfortunately can’t just add back office employees to your front office WFO systems, because the back office and front office are very different environments. The front office operates in real-time as calls come in, and agents seek resolution of each new call in real-time. The back office does not have direct customer contact, and the primary product is a work item or task that might be processed by many employees and take days or weeks to complete. Usually, front and back office are in disparate parts of the organization, have different success metrics and sometimes are on opposing sides of an issue when it gets passed from front to back office. The divide between these key parts of your organization is often great.

But there is a way to extend the benefits you enjoy in your front office to other parts of the organization and at the same time give you the ability to “blend” your back and front office workforces. Aspect® Back Office acts like a virtual queue to optimally distribute work to your back office employees whether it be reports, email, white mail or other. It monitors work item progress in real-time and re-allocates work to other employees when resources are out of balance. When used with Aspect® Workforce Optimization, you have created a very powerful tool for your enterprise-wide customer engagement and productivity arsenal. This combined solution does allow you to bring the advantages of WFO to your back office, whether in retail banking, claims processing, mortgage processing, insurance application processing or other vertical market.

After all, your back office needs to deliver on the promises made by your front office, and Aspect back office solutions ensure that you can do just that, quickly, consistently and transparently.

Proactive Engagement Suite

The integrity of your brand and the experience of your customers are largely determined by the quality and character of your front office contact center, but your back office operation often limits the speed, quality and hence perceived character of your front office. If you are not looking at the effectiveness of your back office, you are probably disappointing customers at the expense of customer loyalty.

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