Aspect Back Office

“WFO suites have emerged that are specifically designed to revolutionize back-office operating departments.”

- It’s Time to Fix Back-Office Operations, DMG Consulting

Workforce Optimization from Front to Back

Workforce optimization tools have been used effectively in front office contact centers for years, and they continue to evolve, especially in the realm of analytics. Some organizations use BPM solutions to enhance their back office operations, but few are benefitting from the wealth of advantages brought by a good WFO solution such as the Aspect® Workforce Optimization suite of products.

Aspect takes an enterprise approach to workforce optimization and has designed our products to function equally well in both front office and back office environments. The back office can be viewed as just an extension of the front office when it comes to forecasting, scheduling, tracking, performance monitoring, coaching, analytics and many other aspects of WFO. In fact, software providers with robust offerings include features that help bridge the gap between back office and front office. For example, Aspect® Workforce Management is capable of making staffing projections incorporating multiple skills such as those required in most back office environments.

Combining Aspect workforce optimization solutions with Aspect® Back Office, our powerful real-time work allocation solution for back office work tasks, gives you the best of both worlds. Just as the front office needs an ACD and effective contact center infrastructure, the back office needs a way to allocate and re-allocate work based on resource availability and SLAs. That’s the unique power of Aspect Back Office. Aspect workforce optimization solutions take the benefits of improved efficiency, quality and visibility to the next level by thoroughly monitoring and managing the back office labor force.

Workforce Management for Back Office
  • Plan multi-skilled labor across tasks, departments, locations
  • Understand what SLAs are achievable given work volumes, backlog and characteristics of your resource pool
  • Assess the impact of changing work volumes to ensure you have the right resources to meet your goals
  • Review likely labor scheduling scenarios and create schedules that meet your objectives, while avoiding overstaffing or understaffing
  • Track historical and real-time performance or schedule adherence
  • Allow employees to select preferred scheduling options
  • Utilize sophisticated business rules to conform to labor regulations and meet service level standards
  • Support virtually any system that captures work processes

Performance Management for Back Office
  • Improve employee performance and productivity using easily understandable dashboards
  • Aggregate data from many different systems for “one source of truth”
  • Access scorecard data from Aspect® Quality Monitoring
  • Analyze back office data from different perspectives to gain new operational insights
  • Reduce IT costs with a standards-based business intelligence application​ & performance management software

Coaching for Back Office
  • Initiate coaching manually or automatically
  • Assign coaching to individual agents or entire teams in a single operation
  • Automate coaching by establishing thresholds for reasonable back office performance
  • Notify the employee that specific coaching is required without supervisor intervention
  • Library of coaching material available
  • Create coaching workflows for more complex coaching actions

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