Workforce Optimization

Technology is second nature to your customers. Now it can be first-rate for your call center agents. Aspect Workforce optimization solutions increase productivity for millions of agents worldwide while enhancing their work lives every day – from real-time coaching to managing their schedules via smartphones with ease.

Workforce, quality and performance management. The Aspect suite covers it all and is designed to adapt rapidly and cost-effectively to your changing contact center needs. The result? More engaged agents, higher quality customer interactions and improved customer experience all at a lower operating cost.

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is more complex than ever before, balancing the needs of customers and employees alike so larger business goals are always in sight.

Back Office Optimization

It’s important to take an enterprise-wide, bigger picture view of customer service. Give the back office workforce the same attention as the front office and just watch customer service levels rise.


Call Center Analytics

Big data comes in two flavors – structured and unstructured. Make sure you can mine both for valuable insights across conversations and transactions through speech and desktop analytics.

Workforce Management in the Cloud

Contact centers are increasingly realizing the advantages of cloud delivery, including lowest total cost of use, scalability and continuous free upgrades.


Workforce Management

Forecast, schedule and track adherence of employee schedules to ensure the right number of people with the right skills at the right time.

Aspect Mila

Give your agents tools that empower them and make it easier for them to connect with the contact center, no matter where they are.


Quality Monitoring

Draw on all important sources of quality – including supervisors, QA analysts, customers, speech analytics – when gaging the quality of voice and text-based customer interactions.


Keep a continuous record of all voice and screen agent interactions from popular ACDs using AES 256 bit encryption to secure transmission and storage.

Quality Analytics

Quality Analytics

Evaluate 100% of your calls and give your QA process a productivity boost with voice analytics.


The customer is the ultimate judge of quality – be sure to measure consumer feedback in an efficient and effective way that leads to happier outcomes.


Performance Management

Bring together multiple sources of data for analysis that not only reveals employee and contact center operational challenges and achievements but helps inform corrective action.


Go full circle from automatically identifying performance issues and directly verifying problems via call recordings to recommending specific coaching actions and later re-evaluation of agent performance.


Desktop Analytics

Unlock the vast storehouse of information that exists right on the agent desktop to understand the ‘how, what and when’ of agent activity – then pinpoint and remove productivity bottlenecks.

Speech Analytics

Transform agent conversations into a rich repository of actionable insights that fuel individual, team and operation-wide performance improvements.


Back Office Optimization

Optimize the workforce across the entire enterprise – not just the front office – by making the most of critical back office operations that help keep the front office honest.


Workforce Management Packages

Specific types of work demand specific type of skills. Be sure to get the right answers to customers even when dealing with large staffs, high turnover and diverse skill requirements.

Recording and Quality Management

Recording and quality management are essential drivers of a great customer experience – after all, every contact center is concerned with maintaining superior quality interactions – and taking immediate, impactful action when quality falls below expectations.


“I’ve used Aspect Workforce Management for years, and when it came time to upgrade our old system, I knew that Aspect would help us meet the requirements of our contact center, reduce our costs and deliver advanced reporting.”

-Isabel De Almeida,
VP Workforce Operations, Citizens Financial