Meeting Customer Expectations with IVR Innovations

Two-day delivery and access to the answer for any question you could ever think of in the palm of your hand are just a few reasons your customers have come to expect instant gratification. Combine that with the 24-hour news cycle and a consumer study conducted by Microsoft that found that human attention span is eight seconds, it should come as no surprise that while customers have high expectations, they are also easily distracted.

New IVR technology innovations make it possible to offer meet the needs of customers in an efficient manner and with as few disruptions as possible. These solutions go beyond simple callback options and reminders.

IVR Innovation: InQueue Self-Service

Make the most out of your callers’ hold times by providing options for resolving a caller’s question or concern via self-service while maintaining their position in the caller queue. When the caller selects the option for a callback, they also receive a link to a mobile web app via SMS that allows them to solve their issue while waiting. If they reach a resolution using the mobile app, the callback is cancelled. If the caller is unable to find the answer they need using the self-service option, their position in the queue is then prioritized to reward the caller for attempting a self-service resolution.

There are multiple benefits associated with this kind of IVR innovation. First, the experience is enhanced because customers are empowered to achieve a resolution faster than waiting for an agent. Second, contact center efficiency and productivity is improved by freeing agents to work on more complex tasks. Third, customers are educated about the power of mobile self-service, which ultimately will result in fewer phone calls.

IVR Innovation: Proactive Outbound Notifications

Your database likely contains information you’ve collected about your customers through surveys, social monitoring, customer histories as well as additional resources. This information can help you anticipate the needs and interests of your customers. Which can reduce costs by preempting predictable and repeatable interactions.

Consider proactively contacting your customers before they contact you with prerecorded notifications and reminders such as appointment confirmations and payment reminders. Improve these standard and routine notifications by including an option that allows them to interact without the help of an agent for tasks such as changing an appointment or making a payment. Customers can easily take care of these tasks without missing a beat or risking missed appointment or late payment fees.

These innovations can help improve the customer experience and exceed customer expectations by providing simple solutions to expedite answers through self-service. Learn more about these and other IVR call center technology innovations.