Aspect® Customer Experience Platform (CXP)

Need a way to design, implement and deploy multichannel customer contact applications?

Self-service is now often the first choice when your customers have a question – with a recent survey showing 81% prefer to use a self-service to resolve their queries. As mobile devices have become widespread, self-service has grown from simple interactive voice response (IVR) applications to a robust ecosystem of ways for customers to access information, including SMS, mobile web applications or social media. Aspect CXP makes it easy to design, implement and deploy customer contact applications across multiple communications channels, like voice, text (IM, SMS, USSD), mobile web, social networks like Twitter and smartphone applications.

With Aspect CXP, it’s easy to implement personalized self-service that gets customers a first-contact resolution – freeing up your contact center agents to address more complex problems. CXP enables your brand to:

Enhance Service
Increase satisfaction and loyalty with communication touch points that address customer preferences while making information access faster and more ubiquitous. Messaging and other visual user interfaces address limitations in noisy environments and other situations where a speech interface is not highly effective. Channels such as SMS are also ideal for sending time-sensitive alerts and reminders without disrupting the customer, as well as closing the loop on self-service voice and agent-assisted interactions with follow-up information and links. By delivering cohesive service across multiple channels, companies can both enhance their image and the overall customer experience.

Lower Customer Service Costs
Aspect estimates that IM and SMS interactions are one-tenth the cost of IVR and one-hundredth the cost of live agent phone calls. Providing customers with options that fit their needs and preferences increases self-service adoption and automation rates so that fewer customers require agent assistance. Additionally, proactive outbound messaging offers a highly effective way to pre-empt spikes in inbound call volume related to situations such as service outages and travel delays.

Streamline Business Processes
Utilize outbound notifications to deliver actionable reminders that enable customers to perform transactions such as confirm a scheduled appointment or pay a past-due bill – including an interactive IVR or SMS dialogue or link to a mobile web application that makes it easy for the customer to take action. Integrate with our available APIs to utilize voice biometrics, location-based services and more to make processes like validation and verification even more seamless.

Increase Retention and Repeat Business
For marketers, IVR and text channels offer a non-intrusive, inexpensive outbound channel for delivering relevant, customer-specific notifications and opt-in marketing campaigns including virtual coupons, loyalty rewards, new product and service announcements and more.

Analyze and Optimize
Our platform supports full application lifecycle management from creation and testing, to integration, deployment, and management and optimization. With CXP Analyzer, choose from over 50 out-of-the-box reports or utilize your own custom reporting to understand performance on key business, operational and application performance indicators.

A Full Set of Tools

Aspect CXP delivers all the tools you need to design, develop, document, test, deploy, report on and analyze your self-service applications. Aspect CXP self-service applications are 100% portable and operate seamlessly with our own premise and cloud solutions, and can also be used to offer enhanced self-service alongside other contact center platforms.  Key components:

  • Aspect CXP Server
  • Aspect CXP Continuity Server
  • Aspect CXP Developer
  • Aspect CXP Commander
  • Aspect CXP Analyzer

Deploy on Our Standards-Based Platform - Aspect CXP + Aspect Prophecy

Our Aspect CXP Pro package combines the powerful application lifecycle management tools in Aspect CXP with our industry-leading, enterprise-grade Aspect Prophecy IVR platform for the delivery of your IVR applications. You can deploy on-premises, in the Aspect Cloud or with a hybrid of the two.

Self-service applications developed with Aspect CXP integrate with all contact center solutions, including our Aspect Unified IP and Aspect Zipwire contact center platforms, to provide an omni-channel customer experience solution.



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