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An Enterprise-Class IVR Platform with Retail-Like Simplicity

Prophecy is an industry-leading communications platform that makes it easy for companies to interact with customers in ways that improve service, drive sales, and lower costs.

  • Inbound and outbound IVR call support
  • 100% VoiceXML and CCXML compliant, with comprehensive CCXML call control
  • Built-in conferencing and call recording
  • Audio prompt and Text-To-Speech (TTS) support
  • Full-featured Provisioning API
  • Flexible, scalable SIP-based telephony
  • Install in minutes! Download and install the Prophecy platform for free:
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Agile, Lightweight, and Remarkably Powerful

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An IVR platform should be easy to install, manage, and develop upon – never weighed down by cumbersome business models or inflexible processes. Because of this, Prophecy rigorously adheres to open standards and offers easy-to-use development tools. Make your innovations happen.

  • Full W3C standards support, delivering more than 10 times the performance of other standards-based IVR and VRU platforms.
  • Web-based application and report management, real-time logger and debugger
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by reducing server count, installation complexity and ongoing maintenance

A Cornerstone of Aspect CXP Pro

No other solution lets you deploy better applications as fast or make changes as easily. Write Aspect Prophecy applications directly in VoiceXML or CCXML, or use Aspect CXP Pro (Prophecy bundled with Aspect CXP) for an even more robust array of features for the design, development, deployment and reporting of IVR applications.

  • Amplify your ROI with voice plus self-service customer engagement opportunities via fax, text, Twitter, web chat, mobile web browsers and smart phone apps.
  • Tailored to a wide range of developer skill sets and preferences, Prophecy enables you to fully customize your customer experience.
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“Our premise Prophecy servers, which support several integrated IVR apps, have worked flawlessly for years and provide top notch functionality in a highly reliable environment with minimal maintenance needs.”

– David Turner, Sr. Software Engineer, Cincinnati Bell



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What is a Standards-Based IVR?

Aspect Prophecy was built exclusively on open industry standards, meaning that developers use collaborative, consensus-driven processes to facilitate further advances and innovations in the field. The use of non-proprietary IVR standards lowers your costs and frees your developers to work directly with Prophecy protocols, simplifying app development and enabling you to fine-tune our solution to meet your business’ needs. With ongoing support from the Aspect team and our developer-friendly Evolution portal where we offer free product testing and trials, our goal is to facilitate innovation and drive both industry-wide advancements and your company’s success.