Customer Outreach

Built on a fully-integrated cloud platform, Aspect’s customer outreach solutions power automated multichannel campaigns and high-touch proactive customer care. Best-in-class features include burstable contact center applications like ACD/PBX, outbound predictive dialer, call recording and business analytics. All enterprise-ready and third-party PCI-DSS certified.

Send reminders, deliver important notifications or collect debts—through voice, email or SMS. Blend inbound and outbound multi-channel conversations. Connect while staying compliant. And build better customer relationships with every interaction even when doing sensitive tasks like debt collection.

Proactive Outbound

Drive automated outbound, high-touch, multichannel campaigns. Business rule flexibility improves right party contacts, thereby improving collections and sales rates – while helping companies meet regulatory, security and customer satisfaction requirements and goals.

Auto Dialer

Employ a variety of automated strategies such as preview, precision and predictive dialing to achieve both efficiency and compliance with outbound regulations. Confidently deploy multichannel outbound campaigns that deliver the right message at the right time using the right communication channel.


Predictive Dialer

Make smart decisions on whom to contact, as well as when and how by taking advantage of real-time business intelligence, list and campaign management optimization across single or multiple predictive dialers.


Aspect Via Customer Engagement Center: Proactive Outreach

A SaaS-based solution, Aspect Via delivers proactive contact capabilities that power automated multichannel campaigns and high-touch customer outreach through voice, email or SMS and includes a full set of advanced list and campaign optimization compliance capabilities to address regulatory dialing requirements.

Aspect® Unified IP® - Outbound

A proven, feature-rich customer engagement platform, delivered as a convenient cloud, on-premises, or hybrid solution. Simplify omni-channel interactions with superior inbound routing, multisession contact handling, compliant proactive outreach capabilities and tight integration with industry leading CRM applications.


Aspect® Proactive Engagement Suite

Engage and delight your customers with a SaaS-based customer communication application suite that focuses on engagement vs. one-way notifications. Fully automate two-way omni-channel interactions for improved efficiencies and outcomes.

Aspect Customer Experience Platform

Aspect® Customer Experience Platform (CXP)

Provide a consistent customer experience and two-way dialogues over self-service channels such as IVR, SMS and Mobile Web that provide seamless movement from one channel to the next all while preserving contextual consumer information. A Self-service solution.


Aspect® Prophecy

Aspect Prophecy delivers industry-leading inbound and outbound IVR capabilities on premise or in the cloud. A Self-service solution.


“We have seen improvements in our collection performance across all our clients. We attribute a key factor of this success to be the implementation of Aspect’s unified contact center solution into our collection operation.”

Bruce Shapiro, SVP of Operations, CCS