Aspect Via: Process and People Optimization

Employ Workforce Capabilities that Take Omni-channel Challenges in Stride

To keep things running smoothly in an increasingly complex customer service environment, organizations need workforce capabilities that can take omni-channel challenges in stride, whether self or live service – or a combination.

Workforce, quality and performance management, Aspect Via® has it all and is designed to adapt rapidly and cost-effectively to your changing contact center needs. The result? More engaged agents, higher quality customer interactions and improved customer experience all at a lower operating cost.

Managing a Complex Workforce

Find the optimal balance between customer interaction volumes and workforce staffing levels.

  • The best-selling WFM solution in the industry*
  • Forecasting, scheduling and real time tracking of inbound, outbound, blended and back office
  • Accurate forecasting and scheduling of blended voice, multi-session chat, email, social media** and other interactions channels
  • Unlimited “what if” scenarios

*Ranked #1 by Pelorus in global market share for workforce management systems
each year since 2006
** Coming soon

Managing a Complex Workforce

Ensuring the Best Quality Interactions

Understand quality from the perspectives of mentor, agent and customer.

  • Modern, intuitive GUI that agents love
  • Flexible voice and screen recording, quality monitoring and VoC surveys
  • Quality monitoring in all customer channels
  • 256 bit AES encryption and pause/resume to help ensure PCI compliance
Quality Monitoring Dashboard

Understanding Contact Center Performance

Achieve your business goals by driving performance at every level of the organization.

  • Collect, correlate and display information relevant to each user’s role
  • Gain rapid visibility into operations with simple widgets and dashboard displays
  • Align individual goals with business goals
  • Create a “single source of truth” for all your data
Performance Management Dashboard

Analyzing Contact Center Big Data

Managing a Complex Workforce

Turn unstructured voice data into valuable insights about agents, customers and operations.

  • Understand what’s really happening in 100% of
    customer calls
  • Easily map calls into predetermined categories
  • Do ad hoc searches for key words and phrases
  • Directly integrated with QM evaluation screen