Aspect Via: Agent Empowerment and Engagement

Deploy Tools That Improve Agent Productivity and Morale

Agents are much more productive and can deliver a much better customer experience when they feel empowered and engaged in their work. As Forrester’s Ian Jacobs puts it, “Unhappy contact center agents equals unhappy customers. It’s just that simple.”

Engaged and Empowered Agents

The agent’s environment is largely formed by the technology they use every day, all day long. Recent research shows that agents satisfied with their technologies at work are two-times more likely to recommend their company as a good employer.

The modern and intuitive Aspect Via® user interface provides agents with an experience that helps focus them on the task at hand, simplifies and personalizes customer interactions and stimulates interest and engagement in their work:

  • Easily customized, role-based and personalized, icon and widget-based, pure thin client user interface
  • Full multi-session, omni-channel support on popular web browsers and on all client devices
  • Ready access to all agent status and performance data as well as WFO applications

The result: agents empowered, engaged, and ready to deliver differentiated service experiences for customers.

Aspect Via Dashboard

Untethering the Agent with Mobility

Give your agents the flexibility and mobility they want with simple self-service applications:

  • Easily review/change schedules and perform other common agent workforce functions from any mobile device
  • Receive email, text, push notification or desktop alert on Voluntary Over Time (VOT) or Voluntary Time Off (VTO), or other contact center priorities
  • Agents respond in the self-service channel of their choice including smartphone app, natural language interactive text response (Aspect Mila), office desktop, IVR or direct messages via social media
Workforce Management Mobile

Gamifying the Work Environment

Make sure agents are engaged in their work by turning it into a fun and entertaining experience:

  • Manually assign awards to anyone in the organization - immediate reward & recognition
  • Awards can be made automatically, based on performance rules - targeted to specific parts of the organization for a specified duration
  • Includes award/badge creation and widget trophy case
Gamified Work Environment

Simplifying Agent Administrative Tasks

Simplified Agent Administartive Tasks

Take the frustration out of agent administrative tasks by making these interactions really simple:

  • Common agent admin interactions carefully designed to be as intuitive and simple as possible
  • Use of graphics and minimal keystrokes were primary design considerations
  • Productivity increases up to 50% observed