Cloud IVR Hosting

One World, One Platform

The Aspect Cloud lets you get your hosted IVR applications up and running quickly and cost-effectively on our unified customer experience platform. Hundreds of thousands of applications have been deployed to date, offering massive scalability across our global data centers. This gives you faster time to market when deploying your applications, and the capacity to allocate and use resources on demand.

  • 100% standards-based hosting fully supports VoiceXML, CCXML and SIP among other industry standards.
  • Network is Level 1 PCI compliant for hosting your PCI-compliant applications and protecting customer data.
Cloud Hosting

Quick Deployment, With the Flexibility to Grow

Cloud computing

Aspect Prophecy and Aspect CXP are pre-deployed, managed solutions that will get your IVR and omni-channel self-service applications up and running with little up-front cost, low IT overhead, and the capacity to grow to thousands of reliable and redundant lines on demand. Keep operating expenses down by paying only for the capacity you use. Aspect enables you to use the exact same platform that’s deployed in our hosting cloud on your premises. As a result, customers have the ability to use both deployment models. For example, you can leverage the Aspect Cloud for seamless failover or bursting.

Uptime Assurance Offers Complete Peace of Mind

The Aspect Cloud is designed around total redundancy to prevent any single point of failure, with geographically dispersed hosting facilities owned and managed by Aspect throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Aspect’s patented architecture not only delivers proven performance, but also provides a single global platform with a virtualized view of your multi-site solutions. Our hosting facilities interconnect with global long-distance and VoIP carriers to transport calls to and from any country in the world.

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What is Cloud IVR Hosting?

Cloud IVR hosting is a deployment method chosen for interactive voice response (IVR) self-service applications. There are many advantages to hosting an IVR application in “the cloud”, including the speed of deployment, reduced overhead costs, the ability to easily scale and flex for spikes in traffic or as a business grows and overall reliability. It also simplifies the process of extending service to other channels by using the cloud to manage similar versions of the IVR application, but re-deployed to provide service on channels like SMS or Twitter.

Many companies choose a pure cloud setup for their hosted IVR while others will prefer a hybrid setup that involves an on-premises solution and cloud availability for disaster recovery or peaks in traffic. This makes cloud hosting a flexible and smart choice for almost all IVR implementations.