Call Center CRM Integration

Make contact. Keep context.

Call Center CRM integration from Aspect links CRM data to contact center interactions, giving agents quicker access to customer information when and how they need it. The result is a single integrated agent desktop solution that successfully empowers contact center with the data required to meet today’s growing customer expectations.

Single sign-on access to CRM data from scenarios and activity history make your entire integration seamless and CTI screen pops provide valuable context when an interaction has crossed multiple channels or required multiple calls, reducing customer frustration.

Build the Customer Relationship

Whether they’re making outbound calls or managing inbound cases, your call center agents’ ability to easily build rapport can become your competitive advantage. Click-to-dial capability streamlines your outbound campaigns, allowing your team to intelligently nurture existing accounts or prospective customers.

Combine CRM information with skills-based routing and deliver personalized service that improves the customer experience. Linking customer information such as product line ownership plus our skills-based routing gets your customers to the right agent, every time.

Call Center Integrations

We make seamless CRM integration easy, with integrations to the industry-best CRM providers such as Siebel, SAP, Salesforce, etc. and the ability to integrate to other data sources – even if you’re using custom or in-house back-end systems.