Afiniti Connector for Aspect Unified IP

The Aspect Afiniti Connector optimizes the pairing of individual contact center agents with individual customers.

Benefit from solutions designed to take into consideration behavioral data about callers and/or agents in order to find the best match that optimizes results for the desired business outcomes. Leveraging external data sources for customer information and preferences including purchase history, income, and other demographic information as well as internal agent-focused data, the Afiniti Connector provides a caller-to-agent matching service that allows Aspect® Unified IP® to route the caller directly to an agent who has been determined to be most effective in closing deals and engaging with customers who have similar characteristics and business needs.

Afiniti External Routing Integration with Aspect Unified IP

The Aspect Afiniti Connector makes the most of investments in existing Unified IP and Advanced List Management customer engagement capabilities and supports both inbound and outbound Unified IP workflow scenarios. External data sources may include credit data (e.g., Experian), data companies (e.g., Acxiom, Targus, and Allant), and social networks (e.g., Facebook and LinkedIn). Afiniti is unique in providing such an application predicated on pairing individual customers and agents – these intelligent pairings lead to increased revenues, reduced costs and improved customer and agent satisfaction.


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