Advanced List and Campaign Optimization

“With predictive dialing technology, Aspect® Unified IP® is making a huge impact in our contact center. Our agents can contact prospective customers at the right time and never get an answering machine on the line. They are now more effective. Our productivity increased more than 100 percent.”

– Manager of New Channel, Business Supporting Unit, Ping An Insurance

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Easily develop, deploy and analyse sophisticated contact strategies.

Aspect Unified IP’s advanced list and campaign optimization tools enable you to easily develop, deploy and analyse sophisticated contact strategies across single or multiple supporting platforms to increase your contact success rates and optimize your service notification, sales and/or collections productivity and results.

Guided by real-time business intelligence, advanced list and campaign optimization tools let you dynamically build high yield campaigns using disparate host data sources, your customers’ interaction histories and complex business rules. You will be able to generate highly refined and very flexible targeted calling lists that will then generate the maximum return from your outbound contact efforts. Manage change more effectively by centralizing and automating functionality, standardizing across the platform, and benchmarking for improvement.

Compliant Proactive Outreach

Today 55% of households can only be contacted via a wireless device which makes life difficult and complicated for contact centers trying to connect with their customers. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) has strict regulations about contacting consumers’ mobile phone devices so sending a reminder, delivering an important notification or collecting a debt without explicit consent for mobile phone communication could result in big fines. And these fines are becoming more frequent, the beginning of 2014 alone saw a 30 percent increase in TCPA filings.

If a business has any outbound contact processes in their environment today, especially in light of recent rulings from the FCC and FTC, they require a better strategy and solution to manage your wireless contacts. This is a key enhancement delivered in Aspect Unified IP 7.3. We created a new variant of Aspect Unified IP called Agent Initiated Contact which leverages the routing and tracking capability that Aspect Unified IP is known for – but with no capacity to auto dial, send SMS texts or auto message. This is significant since we have removed the capabilities that trigger the TCPA “autodial/auto-message capacity” criteria, allowing businesses to regain efficiencies lost when moving to manual dialing for wireless device contact to ensure compliance.


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