Customer Self-Service

Companies with self-service programs enjoyed an 85% greater year-over-year increase in customer retention rates, compared to those without self-service. 

- Optimizing the Self-Service Experience:  Help Customers Help Themselves. Aberdeen, 2/14


Let’s face it – today's consumers own the conversation. They are more self-reliant than ever before, wanting to take care of business using their preferred mode of interaction whenever convenient – even starting an interaction in the morning only to complete it later in the day as busy schedules dictate.

That means, at a minimum, offering a choice of self-service options that goes beyond traditional IVR solutions as well as preserving context and delivering seamless transitions when moving between channels – including a live agent conversation.

Digital channels in particular are just about required as consumers look to their smart phones and mobile apps to conveniently perform a wide variety of tasks and activities – from bill payments and travel bookings to appointment scheduling – as they go about their daily routines.


Below is an example of using digital self service (over SMS) to book a rental car – backed by the ability for the customer to contact an agent without leaving the application or losing information already provided – when expert assistance is needed.


Here is a sampling of capabilities and benefits achieved by customers implementing solid omni-channel self-service programs:

Financial Services

By enabling anytime, anywhere, any device financial account access via integrated any-channel self-service – with seamless transitions to agent assistance - our banking customers report improvements in customer satisfaction of nearly 20%.


By leading with mobile self-service, travelers can seamlessly route to an agent who actually knows why the customer is calling based on prior actions. Such context-aware interactions have improved traveler satisfaction by 15-25%.


By engaging over social media to provide specialized multimedia content or mobile apps for in-store applications and self service our customers see up to 20% increases in customer satisfaction.


Mobile self-scheduling, proactive notifications and omni-channel capabilities have positively transformed the patient experience and increased satisfaction by up to 20% according to ongoing patient surveys conducted by customers.


Be sure the self-service you provide employs digital technologies that consumers expect given their willing reliance on smart phones and comfort levels with mobile apps. More than ever, convenient, empowering self-service is a prerequisite for delivering customer experiences that help drive consumer loyalty, brand success and market prominence.