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Everything a Cloud Contact Center Should Be

Total Customer Engagement: Aspect® Zipwire® was designed from the ground-up to be flexible, on-demand scalable, secure and easy to deploy. Everything a cloud contact center should be. Use Aspect Zipwire to support customers across all self-service and agent-assisted channels including voice, SMS, mobile web, live chat, social and video with readiness for future channels.

Seamless Movement Across Channels: Customers can seamlessly move between channels with all background customer activity and data preserved so agents can pick up the conversational thread without asking customers to repeat information or explain intentions.

Moving to the Cloud is Smart Business

Zipwire Customer engagement

Report & Analyze Across ALL Channels: Quickly access and drill down on KPIs crossing all customer communication channels to more easily understand operational and quality issues and adjust in real time. Utilize historical data to recognize important trends in a variety of preconfigured templates that are customizable for each customer’s unique data needs.

Leading CRM Integrations: Integrations to leading CRM suites including Microsoft Dynamics CRM,, Zendesk and Oracle RightNow provide critical customer data to personalize self-service and live-agent engagements and add substantial complementary data for reporting and analytics.

Keep Agents Productive

Adding workforce management capabilities to a cloud contact center ensures the right number of agents with the right training are on hand to serve customers.

  • A real-time directory that lets agents know if their co-workers are on or off-line
  • Agents can chat or call for inter-team conversations to promote collaboration
  • Call recording, customizable interaction scoring, screen-sharing and screen-capture help supervisors provide feedback on agent performance
  • Use performance management to keep agent KPIs aligned with corporate metrics so operational goals are consistently tracked and achieved
Zipwire Moving Cloud is smart business

“With Zipwire we have a strong backbone to support our technical support team’s communications with customers. We have confidence in Zipwire to keep us running at all times.”

– Dan Sweeney, Technical Support Manager at Melco Embroidery




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What is a Cloud Contact Center?

A cloud contact center is software as a service (SaaS) that is deployed, stored and specifically architected for the cloud as defining characteristics. As multi-tenant software, It is able to be quickly deployed and is always up-to-date with new updates automatically applied out by the vendor.

Cloud contact centers are flexible: able to quickly adapt to changing business needs, scalable to more easily support bursts in traffic for seasonality and integrate with third party applications through open API frameworks.