Customer Experience

Welcome to our interactive demo showcase! Each demo is designed to put you in the driver’s seat from the customer perspective, so you can see how powerful our consumer engagement self-service and omni-channel solutions are in a real-life scenario environment.

Proactively offer products over SMS to improve customer usage and mitigate future service issues.

Capbilities: Agent Callback, ITR, NLU

Deeply integrate all service channels to access the function needed at that moment, regardless of interaction point. 

Capabilites: Collaboration, Disposable App, ITR, NLU

Streamline the appointment booking process over the channel customers prefer to use for engagement. 

Capabilites: ITR, NLU, SMS

Simplify student engagement to enable registration, class changes and access critical data over interactive SMS. 

Capabilities: ITR, NLU, SMS

Enable the public to receive critical emergency details and notifications for their area, and engage with the emergency management system over an interactive SMS channel.

Capabilites: ITR, NLU, SMS

Highlight the power of texting for outbound notifications that turn into 2-way conversational engagements, with contextual handover to live agents when needed.

Capabilites: ITR, IVR, Disposable Apps, Agent Callback, NLU

Leverage Facbook's rich interactive messaging platform to interact with customers throughout their entire purchase. 

Capabilities: Disposable App, ITR, NLU

Twitter makes it easy to publicly and privately interact with customers throughout their entire purchase, elevating the experience. 

Capabilities: Disposable App, ITR, NLU

Leverage the convenience and ubiquity of SMS to interact with customers throughout their entire purchase. 

Capabilities: ITR, Disposable App, SMS

Proactive notify patients of upcoming appointments & allows them to use automated text or text with a staff member to complete service.

Cabilities: ITR, NLU, SMS

Patients receive valuable information, engaging with their providers via a fully automated, interactive SMS channel.

Capabilities: ITR, SMS

Notify customers about the status of their loan and let them complete simple tasks using familiar mobile technologies. 

Capabitilies: Disposable App, ITR, NLU

Context continuity enables customers to stop and start self-service tasks without needing to starting over. Customers can also move from self-service to live assistance with agents fully aware of their prior actions and information provided.
Capabilities: Disposable App, ITR, IVR, NLU

Seamlessly bridge IVR and mobile device features to offer customers the best options at the right time.

Capabilities: ITR, IVR, NLU

Seamlessly move an interaction from interactive text to live voice with a callback for convenient customer care. 

Capabilities: ITR, Live Chat, NLU

A complete travel experience from booking to post-visit survey across multiple channels, with self and live-service interactions.

Capabilities: Disposable App, ITR, Live Chat, NLU

Customers are able to cancel, confirm and reschedule appointments using SMS self-service solutions. Customers can seamlessly move the conversation to a fully informed staff member at anytime.

Capabilities: ITR, Live Chat, NLU

Engage and notify customers of upcoming payments that are due and payment scheduling.

Capabilities: Disposable App, ITR, NLU

Proactively notify customers of scheduled events to keep them informed while driving down call volume. 

Capabilities: ITR, IVR

Engage past-due customers to quickly make payment and/or update a no longer valid payment method. 

Capabilities: ITR, Disposable App, NLU

Enable a fully-mobile new services engagement, utilizing the right channel at the right time. 

Capabilities: ITR, Disposable App

Notify customers of significant usage increases while offering services to check efficiency. 

Capabilities: ITR, NLU

Quickly and accurately update your utilities service address using voice and SMS channels. 

Capabilities: ITR, IVR, NLU

Utilities customers can easily submit meter readings over any mobile channel.

Capabilities: Disposable App, ITR, IVR, NLU