Customer Self-Service

Aspect Self-Service solutions allow you to design apps once and deploy anywhere – across IVR, text, social and mobile. Utilise the power of automation and natural language understanding (NLU) to increase first contact resolution rates without customers ever talking to an agent. Fully embrace the technologies consumers love.

Deliver remarkable customer service in a world where people often prefer to help themselves. Transform simple one-way notifications into two-way conversations. Make it easy for customers who prefer texting over talking.

Customer Self-Service

Inbound and outbound self-service solutions for SMS, IVR, social media, mobile apps and emerging channels.

IVR Systems

Interactive voice response technology with integrated ASR and TTS capabilities for handling customer inquiries.


Custom IVR Apps

IVR applications tailored to your business by our professional services team with decades of experience in voice user interface design.

Mobile Self-Service

Self-service solutions that leverage the powerful capabilities in the hands of today’s always-on, mobile consumers.


Interactive Text Response (ITR)

Text-based self-service for channels like SMS and social media, capable of two-way self-service dialogues and proactive notifications.

Customer Self-Service on Facebook Messenger

Over 800 million monthly active users agree – Facebook Messenger is a great way to chat with family and friends. Now, It’s also a great way for businesses to engage consumers leveraging a readily, widely available communications channel.

Aspect® Customer Experience Platform (CXP)

CXP makes it easy to design, implement and deploy customer contact applications across multiple communications channels.


Aspect NLU is our natural language understanding engine that powers conversational text self-service.


Aspect® Prophecy

Aspect Prophecy delivers industry-leading inbound and outbound IVR capabilities on premise or in the cloud.


Aspect CXP Pro

Combined Aspect CXP / Aspect Prophecy package that provides a complete application development, management and deployment suite for IVR and omni-channel self-service.

Aspect CXP Pro IVR Edition

A combined Aspect CXP / Aspect Prophecy package that provides the tools to design, develop, document, test and deploy your IVR applications


Aspect CXP

A complete application development and management suite for IVR and omni-channel self-service.

“What is unique about our patient engagement solution is that we have near-real time patient data from self-reporting. This allows our program to trigger early intervention and possibly prevent an unnecessary hospital visit. And Aspect’s CXP platform has not only provided a flexible, dynamic platform to build our solution on, it has also made it easier for patients to use the system, increasing our customers’ adoption rate.” - Ryan Royal, Pharos Innovations

What is Customer Self-Service?

Customer self-service includes any method a customer might take to resolve their own problem before they reach out to a live agent. For example, a customer may search the company website for information, use a mobile app, call an IVR, utilise social media or try an automated SMS dialogue. Customers today are very self-sufficient due to the powerful mobile consumer technologies like smartphones and tablets that have become second-nature to them.

Self-service can be proactive as well as reactive – the power of predictive analytics makes it easier than ever before for companies to predict when a customer might need to schedule an appointment, order a prescription refill or transfer funds, and initiate the customer interaction via IVR or text.