Online Event Replays

Best of ACE 2019 Webinar Series

The Best of ACE 2019 webinar series brings our most popular breakout sessions from our live event directly to you.


Webinar 1 - Outbound Strategies and Best Practices

Regulations governing your customer outreach strategies can make it hard to maintain compliance while still aiming for the highest productivity and profitability. The last thing any organization wants to face is a fine or a lawsuit!

Aspect solutions can help your organization deploy smart, compliant campaign strategies. Take full advantage of engagement opportunities to save time and resources while adhering to regulatory requirements.

Identify the tools in the Aspect toolbox designed to help you achieve and maintain compliance.


Webinar 2 - Hands-On Review of Speech Analytics

Every single customer conversation can be a source of valuable business insights. The capability to monitor, analyze, and score 100% of your customer conversations can help enhance agent performance, improve customer satisfaction, and increase revenue. Aspect® Engagement Analytics is a standalone solution which can monitor, analyze, and intelligently score all of your customer interactions across every channel —all calls, chats, emails, and social media.

  • Understand how speech and text analytics can improve agent productivity by reducing AHT and increasing FCR
  • Identify ways that Aspect Engagement Analytics can help ensure your company maintains regulatory compliance and mitigates legal risk
  • Spot opportunities in your organization where customer sentiment analysis can surface valuable and actionable insights


Webinar 3 - Multichannel Tips and Tricks

Multichannel engagement makes it possible for a single agent to carry on multiple conversations across several mediums—including voice, email and web chat—through true multimedia blending. However, serving the customer at whatever point of engagement they are most comfortable with is not without its own management challenges. This session will showcase the new concepts, methodologies, and operating practices required to best support multichannel in your company.

  • Understand the features and functionality of multichannel performance
  • Learn how to incorporate multichannel modeling in the contact center
  • Review the software configuration elements so your team can support best practices for contact center operation