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Exploring New Approaches to Managing Disease Effectively

University of Michigan joins Aspect to discuss how Aspect® Patient Engagement leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help drive better outcomes for patients struggling with chronic diseases. Dr. Piette from University Michigan Medical Center will share the business challenges faced, use of Aspect Patient Engagement for patient survey and communications management, and what the outlook is as they move forward. Aspect will follow with a live demonstration to show how technology facilitates meaningful relationships with patients in a scalable, automated means throughout the patient journey.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about techniques that are helping drive better outcomes for patients with chronic diseases
  • Learn how providers are using improving patient engagement through the use of surveys and communication tools
  • Learn how to use scalable technology to develop meaningful relationships with patients

Hype vs. Reality: Top Customer Experience Trends & Best Practices in 2018

Aberdeen Group Vice President and Principal Analyst, Omer Minkara and Aspect Senior Vice President and CMO, Jim Freeze discuss the findings from Aberdeen’s latest research on 2018 contact center and CX trends. You'll learn:

  • Top emerging CX technologies
  • Key processes driving CX strategy design & execution
  • How to distinguish hype from real best practices
  • How to pick the right strategy for your business

How to Improve the Patient Journey through Aspect Patient Engagement

See how to evolve the patient journey through enhanced engagement on their preferred channels of communication. You will learn how to:

  • Reduce no shows and improve medication adherence with appointment reminders and notifications through mobile and SMS
  • Deliver consistent care and support via voice, email, web chat, SMS and mobile
  • Allow patients and families to better engage with providers and make good use of omnichannel self-service technology through consumer channels such as SMS
  • Provide a digital trail for staff through EHR/CRM integration, ensuring continuity of interactions, so patients don’t have to repeat information they've already provided
  • Reduce readmissions, improve recovery rates and enhance home care by keeping patients informed through automated voice, email or SMS notifications; and enable them to transition to a live two-way conversation when needed

Modern IVR: Building a Solid Foundation for the Customer Journey

Digital self-service — mobile, chatbots, AI and more — has garnered a lot of hype. But before brands jump in head first, they need to ensure they’re building on a solid foundation. Find out how you can enhance your existing IVR with advanced concepts such as context continuity, caller intent prediction, and adaptive intelligence, while using channels, such as SMS, to improve IVR effectiveness.

5 Questions Forward- Looking Customer Service Leaders are Asking

Get answers to 5 questions that are top-of-mind with forward-thinking customer service leaders with Ian Jacobs, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, and Jim Freeze, Aspect Software CMO.

Maximize your Customer Engagement with Aspect Via

Discover the advantages of moving from siloed support to a cross-functional customer engagement center that is designed to deliver exceptional experiences throughout the customer journey.

The Collaborative Shift: How to Set the Right Path to Meaningful Interactions

In order to avoid failure and achieve productive and efficient collaboration, it not only takes a technology shift, but also a behavioral shift. Investing in technology first and then requiring your employees to use it does not work well with the way humans operate. People need to feel that they are invited into a system that provides them value and fits into their needs. This means you must think strategically about your course of collaborative action both on the technology level and, even more importantly, on the people level.

View this webinar from Aspect and relational business expert, Canopy Gap, for this interactive webinar to:

  • Learn the “next practices” for enterprise collaboration
  • Take a close look at organizations and principles that are changing the way we view collaboration in the enterprise
  • Discover how your organization can start to set the right path to interactions that matter

Project Management Made Easy for Everyday Project Managers

Maybe you have Project Manager in your title. Maybe you don’t. Regardless of your official title, chances are, you are managing multiple projects every day. Across all industries, an easy, user-friendly project management solution offers greater simplicity for managing your projects, immediate visibility and control for senior executives, and a path to continuous project management improvement leading to greater success. Watch Aspect and BrightWork show you how quick and easy it can be to start managing your projects on a platform you probably already own: Microsoft SharePoint.

Text – The New Talk

Research shows that Millennials, and those with a "Millennial Mindset", like self-service, but would prefer text to execute tasks they have traditionally accomplished through an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. It’s possible with Interactive Text Response (ITR). ITR uses Natural Language Understanding to enable people to engage in personalized, conversational text interactions with an automated system. Simply ask a question and get an answer.

Benefits of ITR include 24/7 accessibility and the same cost reduction of IVR……but without the headache. Watch to hear real life examples and learn more about the latest trend in customer self-service.

Make Your Workflows as Easy as 1-2-3

Workflow automation can power your business and drive your success. Remove the paper from your processes and automate your time-consuming, manual processes to create streamlined workflows in every department of your organization. You’ll save time, cut costs, ensure compliance, increase accuracy and avoid headaches.

Let Aspect show you how easy this can be for both those who implement and end users. In this webinar, we'll explain the importance of a solid workflow strategy and demonstrate how you can get started quick with 3 use case scenarios.

CRMXchange: Advancements in Quality Assurance Tech Showcase

Recording and quality management software are the foundation upon which an effective quality assurance program is built. Many contact centers have had their legacy recording and quality management solutions for 5 or more years, and in that time the technology has evolved significantly. User interfaces have become much simpler to learn and use. Speech Analytics has joined the fold as an extremely valuable enhancement to the quality management process.

Customer Obsession 2016: 10 Trends to Earn Customer Loyalty

Join Forrester’s Kate Leggett, VP, Principal Analyst and Aspect’s Joe Gagnon, SVP & Chief Customer Transformation Officer for 10 customer service trends that reflect this growing emphasis on customer obsession.

Leverage Knowledge to Improve Customer Service in a “Let Me Do It” World”

How Does “Knowledge” Affect Average Handle Time and Increase First Call Resolution?
Knowledge, used both internally and externally, is a key component for empowering agents and delivering consistently satisfying customer experiences. When customers search for answers to questions, providing the right solution at the right time is critical to their satisfaction – and critical to improving operational metrics (like call deflection).

The same is true for customer service agents. Enabling agents with proactive and contextual help can assist organizations in continuing their on-going efforts to lower average handle time and improve the agent’s ability to increase first call resolution.

In this webinar, we will showcase Parature from Microsoft and demonstrate scenarios where an effective knowledgebase provides the right solution at the right time – for both customers and agents – to provide a great customer experience.

3 Ways to Jumpstart Your Self-Service Experience

By now, we ALL know that consumers demand an integrated and seamless experience across channels and increasingly turn to self-service for a first point of contact for customer service. The omni-self-service channel conversation has been happening for a while, but what does it mean for your business? How will you take action?

Watch this recording to:

  • Gain insight into the realities of the customer experience with a MAP
  • Think beyond the APP with a holistic mobile strategy including Text IVR and disposable apps
  • Design for today and the future to be flexible across all channels

Best Practices for Contact Center Survey Solutions

Waterfield Technologies and SMG go behind the scenes and see why there is much more than meets the eye to a well-done customer measurement program. You’ll learn best practices for deploying a comprehensive experience measurement program, how to deploy an ongoing, adaptable strategy that continues to procure quality, dependable, customer feedback and much more.

How WebRTC Resolves the Conflict of Increasing Customer Touchpoints while Decreasing Cost

Consumers are becoming more self-sufficient when it comes to finding information they need for a purchase or to resolve a support issue by themselves. But websites and mobile apps aren't the only option, especially for more complex questions or to add a human touch in the buying process when needed. WebRTC can help lower the hurdle of getting in touch with a support or service center right within a website or app, while decreasing average handling time, improving first contact resolution, and bypassing tedious IVR systems. This session will explain what’s behind the technology and what contact centers need to consider to embrace the new frictionless world of customer service in the mobile age.

Transforming Patient Expectations into Great Experiences

Learn from industry expert Rodina Bizri-Baryak, Principal at Healthcare Intelligence, and Jason Griffith, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Practice Manager, about impactful ways to make the transformation of patient expectations into great experiences and how a CRM solution can help.

Navigate Your Way to Better Customer Experiences with Customer Journey Mapping

TODAY’S CUSTOMERS are increasingly choosing to do business with companies based on the quality of experiences they have with them. Is your company effectively using each channel your customers interact with to address unique buyer needs through the entire end-to-end customer lifecycle? Mapping your customer journey will help you analyze and improve their experience. Watch this webinar to:

  • Gain key insights and trends that are pushing companies to effectively use each channel to address unique buyer needs through the entire end-to-end customer lifecycle
  • Better understand the Journey Mapping process including mapping complexity, value, components, service blueprinting, and cross-channel architecture
  • See full experience map examples
  • Hear a real-life case study that examines the situation, solution and ROI of a customer journey map that has been put into action
  • Learn how you can get started mapping your own customers’ journey

Five Take-Action Strategies to Engage Millennial Consumers

Watch the webcast featuring Jason Dorsey, The Gen Y Guy and #1 Millennials speaker. Walk away with actionable strategies and new ideas to engage Millennial consumers. You will learn:

  • Why Millennials are critically important to your business
  • How to build a successful multi-generational customer engagement strategy
  • How to keep up with Millennials technology adoption and demand for omni-channel self service

Let Me Do It Myself: The Rising Importance of Self-Service And New Consumer Expectations

What do you think of when you think “self-service”? Static Interactive Voice Response menus? Endless loops? Working your way to an agent only to have to repeat all the info you just provided? Think again.

Advances in technology, the proliferation of mobile devices and new interaction channels are creating the ideal environment for rich, personalized self-service interactions. The new self-service improves the customer experience and increases engagement while lowering costs. Forrester reports that 77% of consumers believe that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide a good customer experience¹. For today’s self-reliant consumers, that means fast, effortless access to information and services -- using the channels they prefer and increasingly, the ability to solve customer service problems on their own.

Even if self-service isn’t a strategic business initiative for you today or if you're looking for strategies to improve your self-service, you won’t want to miss this recorded webinar.

FORMulate Real Business Value with Nintex Forms

Are your forms delivering real business value? Are you still lost in paper forms or sending forms through email? Did you know InfoPath is ineligible for upgrade? Maybe it is time to bring your forms into current technology! Nintex Forms can help get your business back on track with an easy to use drag-n-drop based form builder within SharePoint.

Let Aspect show you a better way with Nintex Forms. In 30 minutes, we'll explain the importance of a solid forms strategy and demonstrate how you'll save time, cut costs, ensure compliance, increase accuracy, and boost morale with Nintex Forms.

Integrating CRM and Contact Center for Remarkable Experiences

Watch the webcast, to learn how by integrating your CRM solution with the customer interaction management capabilities you can unlock the power of this data in the contact center to improve customer retention, increase satisfaction while also lowering average handle times, increasing first call resolution rates and maximizing agent productivity.

SharePoint Reporting for Project, Program and Portfolio Management

Watch this webcast, and see how your SharePoint site can be quickly extended with reporting capabilities to manage projects with simple KPIs, enter metrics from Microsoft Project into SharePoint, manage across a portfolio of projects, deliver program visibility, and Automated Scheduled Reporting.

Power your business and drive your success with Nintex business process automation solutions!

What if you could give back just one hour to every employee every day? Could the value of that one hour mean a great savings to your organization? Join Aspect and Nintex as we show you how to give back time by automating business processes with solutions that are easy to deploy and easy to use.

Improve customer satisfaction and retention with Aspect Social

Watch this webinar to learn how Aspect Social is helping brands achieve increased customer satisfaction, greater client retention rates, higher customer lifetime value, and more!

Outbound Interaction Management powered by Unified Service Desk (USD) and Dynamics CRM

In this webinar we will focus on outbound interaction scenarios showing how those types of customer experiences can be supported through a USD based solution including call preview and ACD distribution.

Inbound Interaction Management with Unified Service Desk (USD) and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

See how call controls and CRM content can be brought together in USD to facilitate agent effectiveness in the interest of maximizing a customer experience in an inbound contact scenario.

Transform your CRM applications into a fully integrated Customer Care Solution

Juggling great customer contact experience while keeping costs low is no easy task. Zipwire delivers the reliability and the capacity you need via chat, phone, web self-service and more, freeing you to concentrate resources on what's important – the customer. This session will focus on how best to integrate contact center platforms into Dynamics CRM to significantly improve productivity of the agents to improve processes like customer service, marketing campaigns, help desk and case management.

Contact Center Collaboration and Communication Portal Demonstration

Aspect is leading the Relationship Revolution by eating our own dog food - using Microsoft Lync®, SharePoint® and Aspect Applications Foundation for better customer support. Just like you, our contact center wrestles with data from other resources like Oracle Amdocs and other systems. We also have agents and contact centers distributed across the globe, including remote agents. Levering our investments in Microsoft products such as SharePoint and Microsoft Lync and our Microsoft services capabilities we created a SharePoint base common portal for collaboration and analytics, bringing data and people together in ways never before possible.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Screen Pop with Aspect Unified IP

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Aspect® Unified IP®, your contact center is equipped to overcome business technology and process challenges, drive differentiation in a consumer-driven marketplace, reduce costs and increase ROI. Aspect has delivered an out-of-the-box solution for customers using both Unified IP and Dynamics CRM.

Master Proactive Outbound IVR Engagements

In this webinar learn how you can develop timely, relevant and high-yield outbound IVR campaigns.

Outbound Contact in Today's Compliance Environment

In this webinar learn how to effectively configure environments and processes that will comply with today's toughest regulations, while ensuring your business is prepared to meet any new regulatory requirements in the years ahead.

CRMXchange Technology Innovation Showcase -Aspect Social

In this virtual event, we demonstrated the capabilities of Aspect Social and shared how this solution goes beyond social monitoring to enable agents to respond to your consumer in a way that is consistent with contact center best practices.

Social Intelligence for Customer Service & Support Excellence

According Hypatia Research, the return on investment from social customer service and support initiatives is higher than all other business use cases. Hypatia's Leslie Ament shares insight from recent research, including current trends, organizational challenges, best practices, and return on investment metrics utilized by top performing organizations.

Does Your Service Experience Measure Up?

Guest speaker Kate Leggett shares key areas critical to your customer experience from Forrester Research Inc.'s recently released "Best Practices Framework for Customer Service Self Assessment." During the webinar, Kate covers four key areas: 1) People: Organization, leadership practices, collaboration methods, training, performance measurement and corporate culture; 2) Customer service strategy: Identifying your audience and the desired experience; 3) Process: Process management best practices for case management, multichannel and field service; and 4) Technology: Customer analytics and feedback, customer data management, and technology infrastructure.

Game Changing Strategies for At-Home Agents Model

In this webinar, Paul Stockford of Saddletree Research shares his views on why more companies are trending toward the work-at-home model and the opportunities it presents, including reduced facilities costs; lowered carbon footprint; and the ability to hire a more geographically diverse workforce. Learn about the prerequisites for implementing a successful at-home program, key considerations to minimize risk, common pitfalls to avoid and technology essentials for successful deployment.

Future-Proof Your Contact Center to Retain & Grow Your Customers

Hear Forrester, McGee-Smith Analytics and Ovum discuss how to retain customers and grow your business. This interactive session covers how customer experience defines the enterprise; how to adapt IT to the needs of the business; the ability of you workforce to consistently delight your customers; unified multi-channel interaction management; and more. Gain new ideas to unite the enterprise with next-generation customer contact; build and sustain stronger customer-company relationships; and contribute to bottom line results.

Making Customer Service Soar: Optimizing a Virtual Workforce

Learn how Alaska Airlines uses Aspect Workforce Management to manage their work-at-home agent program and as a result, have successfully reduced overall operational costs, increased employee morale, and retained more of their highly skilled agents.