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What Makes an Enterprise Workforce Management Software Award Winning?

Helping companies function as efficiently as possible, the best enterprise call center workforce management software simplifies the task of ensuring a contact center has the right people available at the right time, across multiple channels, shifts, and types of expertise, to achieve expected service levels. Taking into account factors such as skill levels, scheduling constraints, regulatory labor restrictions, demand and service level objectives, Aspect® Workforce Management helps managers accurately and easily forecast staffing requirements across all customer-facing inbound, outbound, blended and back office resources.

Aspect's award-winning workforce management solution features:

  • Precision volume forecasting in all customer interaction channels
  • Real-time intra-day tracking that ensures the best agent adherence to schedules
  • Flexible, full-featured staff scheduling and shift trading
  • Sophisticated, intuitive mobile app that allows agents to manage their schedule and supervisor management tasks
  • A simplified widget and icon-based user dashboard for easy access to key information and tasks
  • Interoperability with 3rd party solutions and APIs

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Aspect call center workforce management dashboard example on laptop

Featured Capabilities

Most Comprehensive Forecasting and Scheduling – in the Office or On the Go

  • Reduce Costs and Improve Service Levels Easily view and manage schedules from anywhere, with browser-based and mobile app access to scheduling tools
  • Keep agents up to date by sending email or web notifications
  • Simpler, faster handling of complex schedule trades and sequential shift bids
  • Accommodate agents' personal schedule preferences, including days per week, hours per week, shift length, start/stop times, workday patterns, lunch break preferences and more

Increase Retention and Decrease Excess Spend with Aspect Workforce Management Software

Agent engagement is a top priority of leading contact centers. Attract and retain more qualified agents by providing agents with greater access and control over their schedules and facilitating a healthier work-life balance.

  • Sophisticated forecasting and "what if" scenarios allow managers to more efficiently plan for staffing needs while avoiding excess spend on idle agents
  • Simpler, faster handling of complex schedule trades and bids give supervisors and agents more control over time worked and time off
  • Easy-to-use scheduling tools, including convenient mobile app access, promotes agent satisfaction and fosters a more positive view of your company


Aspect call center workforce management mobile example on smartphone

Empower Supervisors and Agents

Empower agents to self-manage their schedules remotely and provide supervisors with the tools they need to track schedules, agent requests and intra-day performance from smartphones and tablet devices while they are “on the go.”

Aspect Workforce Mobile provides immediate access for your staff and management to your Aspect Workforce Management system directly from their mobile devices.

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Experienced Consultants

Customize Your Workforce Management Solution with Aspect Professional Services

Agent satisfaction is key to reducing turnover and keeping your workforce engaged and productive.

The Aspect Professional Services team has the years of professional experience and technical expertise necessary to develop and implement specialized applications that extend the capabilities of your Aspect Workforce Management solution.


Get the Capabilities You Need, Deployed the Way You Want

Aspect’s entire suite of enterprise contact center software solutions can be deployed on-premises, hosted, or in the cloud environment you prefer - whether it's Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or a local cloud. You choose the option that work best for your security, privacy, regulatory and other internal needs.

This approach allows you to plan to move to the cloud - or not - at your own pace, using the deployment model that makes the most sense for your business. When you are ready for the cloud, Aspect's cloud contact center platform, Aspect Via®, allows your business to adopt applications modularly, adding capabilities to your call center at your own pace. 

Case Study

Ring Solved their Scheduling and Intra-Day Management Problem with Aspect WFM

Ring, an Amazon company, sought to dramatically improve the scheduling of their rapidly growing workforce, as well as to gain valuable real-time insights into agent activity. They implemented Aspect Via® Workforce Management and were able to reduce their agent count by 20%.



What is Call Center Workforce Management Software

Call center workforce management software simplifies the task of ensuring a contact center has the right agents available at the right time, across multiple channels, shifts and types of expertise, to achieve its expected service levels.

With workforce management software in a call center, contact center managers are able to analyze the many factors that go into determining appropriate levels of contact center staffing, which can include:

  • Call center agent skill levels
  • Labor laws and regulations
  • Agent schedule restrictions
  • Expected fluctuations in customer demand
  • Goals for service levels

Utilizing workforce management principles to maintain appropriate agent staffing levels helps contact centers ensure high standards for customer service are met, while saving on costs by not overstaffing any particular shift or skill set.