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How to Enable a Hybrid Home/Office Staffing Model Using WFM Tools
Considering bringing workers back into the office in 2021? Watch the webinar replay, How to Enable a Hybrid Home/Office Staffing Model Using WFM Tools

As COVID-19 vaccines are becoming more prevalent and available, companies are considering when the right time to bring staff back to the office will be and if it will be all, none or a mix of home and office. Consider a recent survey conducted by Gartner, 74% of CFOs surveyed plan to shift some employees to a permanent remote capacity, while a general HR survey revealed that 41% of employees are likely to remain remote post-pandemic.

There are many opinions and options for bringing workers back to the office. In fact, many contact centers are setting schedules that regularly rotates agents in and out of the office. In this webinar, Aspect experts, Michael Kropidlowski, Senior Director of Product Marketing and Eric Hagaman, Senior Product Manager, discuss how some workforce management features can be used to seamlessly enable “work-from-anywhere” agents. They also discuss how to leverage a mix of remote and in office workers with flexible scheduling strategies to meet both employee and business wishes and needs.

Enabling the Mobile, Work-From-Anywhere Workforce
A mobile workforce has become the standard for contact centres. While this industry and many others weigh bringing all or some employees back to the office, we will continue to see the evolution of workforce technology tools that make it easier to be mobile and help ensure workers are as efficient and effective away from the office as they are in the office.

Watch this on-demand webinar replay, Enabling the Mobile, Work-From-Anywhere Workforce. Better understand how organisations can allow contact centre employees to be immediately mobile so the workforce is ready for whatever new conditions uncertain times may bring. Learn how the Aspect® Workforce Optimization solution arms the mobile workforce with elegant, simplified smartphone access to common WFM scheduling functions, deeper cloud integrations supporting browser-based “workforce anywhere” access and enhanced performance feedback to employees so they can quickly self-correct while staying engaged and on track.

CFPB "New Rules" On-demand Webinar

Adhering to the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) debt collection practices guidelines requires outbound solutions designed around flexible configuration capabilities that reduce costs while balancing productivity with compliance. 

In this webinar, Stephen Loynd, TrendzOwl founder and principal, frames the market issues and methods for achieving “compliant by design” outbound in light of the latest CFPB debt collections practices guidelines.

Topics covered include:

  • Key elements of the November 2021 CFPB rule changes
  • Important takeaways regarding evolving channel preference
  • Methods for balancing compliance with agent productivity
  • Ideas for contact center processes and procedures that are "compliant by design"

Best of ACE 2020 Webinar Series

If you missed ACE 2020 or were unable to attend some of our most popular roundtable sessions, we’ve got you covered. Watch the following sessions on-demand.

Understanding What Your Agents are Thinking - Agent Index Report
Featuring: Steve Hurst, Editorial Director, Engage Business Media and Bob Moore, Aspect

Creating a workplace environment that supports agents' needs and desires can help your contact centre reduce high turnover rates, while at the same time setting agents up for success. But to do that, you need to understand what is most important to today's workforce. Every year, Aspect conducts a survey of over 500 contact centre agents to find out how their attitudes and preferences may be changing.

Watch this webinar replay to:

  • Learn how the contact centre is changing quickly and what major structural changes have occurred in the past 2 years
  • Understand how work-from-home (aka “remote”) agents have different needs and wants than on-site agents
  • Find out why contact centres need to understand these new dynamics and adapt their WFO tools and culture accordingly
  • See how top performers can be identified during the hiring process as well as early on in their careers

Strategies for Managing and Empowering Staff in the Work-From-Anywhere Contact Centre
Featuring: Subramanya C from HGS with Michael Kropidlowski from Aspect

Over the last several months, we have experienced one of the most unusual times in modern human history, and we seem to be coming out the other side.

Organisations are weighing the impact of the global pandemic on their business continuity plans and what are the right options are for staff returning to the office, continuing at home or a mix of both. Many organisations found that sending agents home could not only work, but in fact, work quite well. Contact centres see the opportunity to give staff flexibility and choice, but may not be confident in the long-term success of work-from-home.

In this session we will hear from HGS and their experience with moving staff to work-from-home and what workforce engagement and management strategies are working in the new realities of a remote, mobile workforce. They will also share what workforce optimisation capabilities they are leveraging to keep at home workers engaged and productive, while keeping customer satisfactions levels high.

Key take-aways:

  • Hear about best practices from experts who have recently established a work-from-home, work from anywhere mobile workforce
  • Learn how contact centre managers can ensure that the necessary communications infrastructure is in place and that their staff is as productive and efficient at home as they are on-site
  • Understand what new metrics or adjustments to existing metrics are needed for WFH vs. in office agents
  • How to focus more attention on the quality management process and adjust the frequency of coaching for WFH agents

Customer Success Story — Automated Self-Service: Solving for Speed, Simplicity and Efficiency, Featuring BAC Credomatic
In this case study, learn how Aspect Customer BAC Credomatic developed a series of bots across multiple self-service channels that helped support better and more efficient customer experiences for collections, online banking, lending and more.

Watch this session to learn how BAC Credomatic:

  • Increased digital collections by 12%
  • Improved efficiency in self-service operations
  • Supports 30% of interactions outside of regular service hours
  • And more

Five Building Blocks to Ensure Business Continuity in the Contact Centre Amid Economic Uncertainty
Featuring: Omer Minkara of Aberdeen with Ed Berndt from Aspect

Uncertainty impacting business activities is the top concern keeping contact centre leaders up at night. Many firms have already experienced the effects of this uncertainty and have tried to adapt to the best of their abilities. Compared to their less equipped peers, savvy contact centre leaders have weathered the operational impact of these uncertain times more easily. That’s because they’ve already established business continuity plans that have helped them rapidly adapt to the new ways of doing business, including remote work and sudden changes in customer demand.

Watch this webinar replay to learn:

  • How a business continuity plan impacts contact centre preparedness and innovation
  • The short-term and long-term benefits of a top-notch business continuity plan
  • Five building blocks to success in business continuity
  • Real-life success stories of how top brands weathered the recent downturn

Exploring New Approaches to Managing Disease Effectively

University of Michigan joins Aspect to discuss how Aspect® Patient Engagement leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help drive better outcomes for patients struggling with chronic diseases. Dr. Piette from University Michigan Medical Center will share the business challenges faced, use of Aspect Patient Engagement for patient survey and communications management, and what the outlook is as they move forward. Aspect will follow with a live demonstration to show how technology facilitates meaningful relationships with patients in a scalable, automated means throughout the patient journey.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about techniques that are helping drive better outcomes for patients with chronic diseases
  • Learn how providers are using improving patient engagement through the use of surveys and communication tools
  • Learn how to use scalable technology to develop meaningful relationships with patients

How to Improve the Patient Journey through Aspect Patient Engagement

See how to evolve the patient journey through enhanced engagement on their preferred channels of communication. You will learn how to:

  • Reduce no shows and improve medication adherence with appointment reminders and notifications through mobile and SMS
  • Deliver consistent care and support via voice, email, web chat, SMS and mobile
  • Allow patients and families to better engage with providers and make good use of omni-channel self-service technology through consumer channels such as SMS
  • Provide a digital trail for staff through EHR/CRM integration, ensuring continuity of interactions, so patients don’t have to repeat information they've already provided
  • Reduce readmissions, improve recovery rates and enhance home care by keeping patients informed through automated voice, email or SMS notifications; and enable them to transition to a live two-way conversation when needed

Modern IVR: Building a Solid Foundation for the Customer Journey

Digital self-service — mobile, chatbots, AI and more — has garnered a lot of hype. But before brands jump in head first, they need to ensure they’re building on a solid foundation. Find out how you can enhance your existing IVR with advanced concepts such as context continuity, caller intent prediction, and adaptive intelligence, while using channels, such as SMS, to improve IVR effectiveness.

5 Questions Forward- Looking Customer Service Leaders are Asking

Get answers to 5 questions that are top-of-mind with forward-thinking customer service leaders with Ian Jacobs, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, and Jim Freeze, Aspect Software CMO.

Maximize your Customer Engagement with Aspect Via

Discover the advantages of moving from siloed support to a cross-functional customer engagement center that is designed to deliver exceptional experiences throughout the customer journey.

The Collaborative Shift: How to Set the Right Path to Meaningful Interactions

In order to avoid failure and achieve productive and efficient collaboration, it not only takes a technology shift, but also a behavioral shift. Investing in technology first and then requiring your employees to use it does not work well with the way humans operate. People need to feel that they are invited into a system that provides them value and fits into their needs. This means you must think strategically about your course of collaborative action both on the technology level and, even more importantly, on the people level.

View this webinar from Aspect and relational business expert, Canopy Gap, for this interactive webinar to:

  • Learn the “next practices” for enterprise collaboration
  • Take a close look at organizations and principles that are changing the way we view collaboration in the enterprise
  • Discover how your organization can start to set the right path to interactions that matter

Project Management Made Easy for Everyday Project Managers

Maybe you have Project Manager in your title. Maybe you don’t. Regardless of your official title, chances are, you are managing multiple projects every day. Across all industries, an easy, user-friendly project management solution offers greater simplicity for managing your projects, immediate visibility and control for senior executives, and a path to continuous project management improvement leading to greater success. Watch Aspect and BrightWork show you how quick and easy it can be to start managing your projects on a platform you probably already own: Microsoft SharePoint.

Make Your Workflows as Easy as 1-2-3

Workflow automation can power your business and drive your success. Remove the paper from your processes and automate your time-consuming, manual processes to create streamlined workflows in every department of your organization. You’ll save time, cut costs, ensure compliance, increase accuracy and avoid headaches.

Let Aspect show you how easy this can be for both those who implement and end users. In this webinar, we'll explain the importance of a solid workflow strategy and demonstrate how you can get started quick with 3 use case scenarios.

CRMXchange: Advancements in Quality Assurance Tech Showcase

Recording and quality management software are the foundation upon which an effective quality assurance program is built. Many contact centers have had their legacy recording and quality management solutions for 5 or more years, and in that time the technology has evolved significantly. User interfaces have become much simpler to learn and use. Speech Analytics has joined the fold as an extremely valuable enhancement to the quality management process.

Customer Obsession 2016: 10 Trends to Earn Customer Loyalty

Join Forrester’s Kate Leggett, VP, Principal Analyst and Aspect’s Joe Gagnon, SVP & Chief Customer Transformation Officer for 10 customer service trends that reflect this growing emphasis on customer obsession.