Aspect CXP Business User Interface

A Friendly, Graphical, Web-based Interface for Non-technical Users

With the CXP Business User Interface (BUI), non-technical users are enabled to easily make administrative changes to routing, self-service applications and system-wide messages on the fly, without assistance from the IT department.

The CXP BUI provides a friendly, graphical, web-based interface that enables end users like contact center managers or the marketing team to react quickly to business needs, with easy access to revise designated parameters, kept error-free by input validation. IT determines the level of flexibility granted to business users, with change history and the ability to roll back if needed.

Common parameters managed with the CXP BUI include network announcements, contact center hours of operation, routing to agent skill groups, outage messages, promotional messages and revision or re-ordering of IVR options. For example, a contact center manager could adjust hours and provide an appropriate message to reflect a holiday, or a marketing manager could test promotional messages for special offers. The solution enables faster response to business issues and opportunities, while freeing IT to focus on more complex requirements.