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20 April 2018, Beyond the Phone: Aspect Software on Importance of Alternative Comms, UCToday

17 April 2018, News: UnionBank Improves Customer Interaction with Aspect Software Omni-Channel Solution, ContactCenterWorld

01 April 2018, Rosie the Robot Meets Margot the Wine Bot, Contact Center Pipeline

23 March 2018, Aspect Software Appoints Krishna Arani as SVP Asia-Pacific Sales, ContactCenterWorld

19 March 2018, IT's Most Wanted: 16 Indispensable Traits of IT Pros, CIO

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1 February 2018, Here's What's Wrong With Most Customer Service Training (And How to Fix it), Forbes

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25 Jan 2017 Chatbot to Deliver Mesa City Services, 21st Century State and Local

24 Jan 2017 Do Chatbots Dream of Electric Sheep?, CMSwire

20 Jan 2017 City enlists SMS chatbots for service delivery, GCN

31 Dec 2016 Reverse-engineering the universal translator, TechCrunch

13 Dec 2016 Nordstrom launches chatbot for holiday shopping, FierceRetail

13 Dec 2016 Consumers expect ever more options for customer service, Hotel Marketing

13 Dec 2016 Using Bots to Bring Holiday Joy, Smart Customer Service

13 Dec 2016 For marketers, the widening range of services complicates the equation, eMarketer

12 Dec 2016 Survey finds half of consumers would prefer to conduct all customer service via messaging, VentureBeat

08 Dec 2016 44% of US consumers want chatbots over humans for customer relations, Business Insider

05 Dec 2016 Study: Chatbots rule customer service efforts, Chain Store Age

28 Nov 2016 Service Defines the Brand —& Half of Consumers Are Ready to Leave Brands They Do Business With, Bulldog Reporter

27 Nov 2016 5 things that need to be fixed in travel now, USA Today

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09 Nov 2016 Motivating Contact Centre Staff Keep Your Staff Performing, Contact Centres

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08 Nov 2016 Aspect Software named Ventana Research Technology Innovation Award winner for customer excellence, IT Web

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02 Nov 2016 Times They Are A-Changin'" for Contact Centers, No Jitter

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31 Oct 2016 The Rise of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (And What It Will Take from an Infrastructure Perspective), Cloud Computing TMC

31 Oct 2016 IBM Social Business Bets on Key Application and Technologies, Ventana Research

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25 Oct 2016 Contact Centre Professionals Missing Key Cloud Opportunities, Suggests New Research, Call Centre Helper

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07 Oct 2016 Study says Twitter customer service pays off, ClickZ

06 Oct 2016 Independent Research Firm Praises Aspect Software, Call Centre Helper

06 Oct 2016 Chatbot Market - Segment, Demand, Outlook ,Trends, Forecast 2024, Digital Journal

05 Oct 2016 It Pays to Provide Customer Service via Twitter (Report), Social Times (Adweek)

05 Oct 2016 Study: Twitter customer care increases willingness to pay across industries, Twitter blog

03 Oct 2016 Challenger banks ignoring under 18s, and that's a mistake, ITProPortal

03 Oct 2016 Challenger Banks Neglecting Mobile Youth Market, Contact Centres

03 Oct 2016 Challenger Banks Neglecting the Mobile Youth Market, Call Centre Helper

03 Oct 2016 Can BYOD sharpen the line between work and home?, IT Online

28 Sept 2016 50 Facts about Online Consumer Behavior Not to Ignore, Business2Community

25 Sept 2016 Aspect Provides Customer Engagement Center in the Cloud, Ventana Research

22 Sept 2016 Psyched About Automated Interaction? Make Sure You Think Outside the Bot, CustomerThink

21 Sept 2016 An Introduction to… Quality Management Technology, Call Centre Helper

16 Sept 2016 What Drives Customer Engagement?: Retailers believe their store associates have the least impact on customer engagement, eMarketer

16 Sept 2016 Microsoft’s stake in artificial intelligence leads the way for serious business use, IoTNow

15 Sept 2016 Why Should You Care About Chat Bots?, Call Centre Helper

30 Aug 2016 Aspect Software Recognised as the Workforce Optimisation Industry 2016 Global Company of the Year, Call Centre Helper

29 Aug 2016 Developing enterprise bots, InfoWorld

26 Aug 2016 Microsoft’s Stake in Artificial Intelligence Leads the Way for Serious Business Use, Call Centre Helper

25 Aug 2016 Aspect Introduce Chatbot – Virtual Assistant Technology, Contact Centres

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10 May 2016 Radisson Blu Edwardian Guests Can Now Text Edward The Chatbot For Service, Forbes

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20 April 2016 Glitchy Facebook bots show tech in early stages, USA Today

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28 Dec 2015 Most Shoppers Have Abandoned a Retailer Because of Poor Service. eMarketer

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01 Sept 2015 When Customer Experience Is The Ticket, Destination CRM

17 Aug 2015 Please Continue to Hold... and Hold... or Text, Facebook Us, AdAge

14 Aug 2015 Aspect Software acquires LinguaSys, IT-Online

12 Aug 2015 LinguaSys’ tech tools acquired by cloud service company Aspect Software, South Florida Business Journal

11 Aug 2015 Aspect Software Acquires LinguaSys, DestinationCRM

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06 Apr 2015 Report: Poor customer service pushes consumers away, BizReport

03 Apr 2015 Customer Experience for Millennials Means Solving Their Own Problems, Loyalty360

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03 Apr 2015 Millennials Want it ALL: OmniChannel Customer Service, Hausman Marketing Letter

02 Apr 2015 Research Sponsored by Aspect Software Shows “The Future of Customer Service is Self-Service”, Opus Research

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11 Mar 2015 Aspect’s Brings “Context Cookies” to the Contact Center, Opus Research

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03 Mar 2015 11 Tips for Improving Your Company’s Customer Support; CIO

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20 Feb 2015 Aspect’s Expanded EQ WFO Platform Aims to Improve Customer and Employee Engagement, Smart Customer Service

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