Aspect White Paper

The Home Field Advantage: Business Continuity by Design


The capability to seamlessly shift contact center operations to work-from-home is a best practice in business continuity. By designing an emergency preparedness plan around smart business procedures and the right kind of technology, you can be ready to respond to the unexpected and keep in continual contact with your customers—whether your agents are working on-site or at-home. You'll be giving your business—and your team—all the benefits that come from a home field advantage.

Download this white paper now to gain valuable insights into:

  • Work-from-home readiness training and testing
  • The latest checklist for home workforce technology and equipment
  • Strategies for keeping at-home workers motivated, engaged and productive
  • Cultural considerations for home workers
  • Leveraging your existing Aspect solutions to streamline a transition to work-from-home operations

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