Your Favorite Mobile Self Service & IVR Development Tools +1

The Aspect acquisition of Voxeo married Voxeo’s innovative mobile self-service tools, IVR development platform and global hosting infrastructure to the robust Aspect contact center portfolio and workforce management suite.  The result is the industry’s most comprehensive, integrated solution for delivering seamless omni-channel experiences, elevating customer engagement and building brand loyalty.

Visit the information below to find the latest version of your favorite Voxeo self-service tools and platforms, to see demos of innovative new interactive mobile self-service solutions, to download topical white papers, or to find out where to go for support.

Aspect® Customer Experience Platform (CXP)

CXP makes it easy to design, implement and deploy customer contact applications across multiple communications channels.

VoiceXML IVR Platform (Prophecy)

Ideal for use by service providers, Aspect Prophecy voice xml IVR platform provides a robust environment for multi-tenant IVR applications.


Aspect CXP Developer

Design, implement and deploy customer contact applications across multiple communications channels simultaneously.

Mobile Developer Framework

Easily build applications that leverage the capabilities of consumers’ mobile devices.


Aspect CXP Designer

Create IVR and ITR applications with an easy-to-use web based interface.


Advanced application lifecycle management tools and a standards-based development environment offering native SIP support.


Aspect CXP Business User Interface (BUI)

Empower non-technical users to make basic UI and operational changes with our friendly web-based interface.

SIP Application Server

Intelligently screen, route, transfer, and initiate traditional and SIP calls..


IVR Developer Portal (Evolution)

Aspect’s cloud customer and developer portal for all things self-service.

Telecom APIs for CEBP

API’s to automate background processes and notifications to improve internal productivity.

Evolution Developer Portal

Use the Evolution to test and manage your self-services applications, phone numbers and more.

Aspect® Customer Care Center

Visit the Aspect Customer Care Center where you'll find a searchable knowledge base, online discussion groups where you can leverage the knowledge of your fellow developers, and access to our expert analysts.