Request Bidding in Aspect WFM
Trainer: Justin Barrett and Selim Tutar
Playtime 34:47

Empower your employees to submit long-term time off requests while maintaining centralized control of the process.
Applicable Products: WFM, VIA WFM, WFO

Conventional Shift Bidding in Aspect WFM
Trainer: Rand Ramsdell
Playtime 30:37

Learn how to administer Conventional Shift Bids. Attendees will be able to follow the creation of the Shift Bid, as well as monitor its progress along the way, including options for restarting a bid if needed.
Applicable Products:  WFM Core, WFO

Aspect Unified IP: How to Leverage Web Services in a M3 Environment
Trainer: Brian Haley
Playtime 20:57

This session will describe and demonstrate how to utilize WebServices in a M3 script to enhance the IVR experience.
Applicable Products:  Unified IP, M3

Aspect Unified IP: Understanding the 5 Alternative Outbound Dialing Modes
Trainer: David Barby
Playtime 35:35

During this session, we will review the outbound dialing functionality of UIP, specifically looking in detail at the differences in setting up and using the five dialing modes available in Unified IP outbound voice services.
Applicable Products:  Unified IP (all versions)