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Deployment Model
Cloud, Hybrid
Business Usage
Customer service, Sales
Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America
Geographic Availability
Available in all world regions.

Product/Services Needed

Works with:
Aspect Unified IP
Aspect Call Center
Aspect Zipwire

Created By

In-Call-Rescue makes it easy to replace hold-time with a call-back. As a cloud-based service, it is compatible with all platforms from Aspect as well as other vendors. Pure SaaS pricing makes it viable for call centers of all sizes.

Offer a Call-Back to Customers who are Waiting on Hold

Be a hero to your customers. When hold times are too long, give callers the option to “press 1 to get a call-back from the next agent”. Fonolo will handle the rest.

Integrates Easily
Hooks into your existing call center infrastructure. All of your business processes remain the same.

Improves the Customer Experience
Give customers back what they value the most – their time. Let them schedule a call-back when hold times are too long.

Reduces Cost-per-Call
Realize lower handle times, abandon rates and telco costs.


  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Smooth out call volume spikes
  • Raise your Net Promoter Score
  • Reduce your telco costs
  • Protect your brand’s reputation
  • No hardware or software to install

How it Works

When hold times are too long, your customer is offered the option to “press 1 to get a call-back from the next agent”. This is where Fonolo steps in.

1. The call is transferred to Fonolo and our audio prompts confirm the customer’s phone number.

2. Fonolo connects to your call center, navigates your phone menu and waits on hold for an agent.

3. When an agent answers, Fonolo calls the customer back and connects them with the agent. To your agent, this looks exactly like a regular inbound call from a customer. ANI, CTI, screen-pops and all other processes work exactly as before.

The idea of replacing hold-time with a call-back has been around for a long time. Fonolo has revolutionized “virtual queuing” by delivering it as a cloud-based service. This approach offers:

• Lower costs
• Faster deployment
• Easier configuration
• Better scalability

Fonolo is ideal for "mixed environments" where you have platforms from multiple vendors or use a BPO.

Security Options

Fonolo can be enhanced with a turn-key appliance that will let you comply with strict security requirements (no voice data leaves your data center), while still using the convenience and efficiency of the cloud.

Simple, Powerful, Web-based Configuration
Manage every aspect of your experience with our easy-to-use customer portal. 

Fonolo In-call Rescue User Interace

Fonolo In-call Rescue User Interace

In-call Rescue Administration Screen

In-call Rescue Administration Screen
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