Overview summary

The growth of business process outsourcers (BPOs) is closely tied to customer engagement. For those in the contact centre industry, being able to quickly and efficiently respond to customer issues is essential and should be one of the most important goals for your business.

Yet, there exists a number of issues for outsourcers preventing them from achieving this goal. Modern customers demand omni-channel experiences and interactions, but outdated technology, poor workflow management processes or difficulties in forecasting can severely hamper meeting this need.

However, with the right tools and knowledge in place, BPOs are capable of providing excellent omni-channel customer experiences while remaining cost-effective and highly productive. Contact centres can in turn grow significantly, presenting excellent business opportunities to current and future clients.

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For outsourcers, forecasting is a business-critical aspect of their operations. But, forecasting can be difficult for the contact centre - an agile business model combined with tricky to quantify data (including assumptions like shrinkage) can throw up big problems for this exercise. As such, developing a wider view of your business and reducing silos between the front and back offices can enable outsourcers to make business forecasts accurately and intelligently.


Every business wishes it could do “more with less” to reduce operational cost and increase profitability, especially business process outsourcers (BPOs). Blending techniques, mixing workforce optimisation strategies with back office algorithms, has the capacity to increase profitability and contract values for BPOs, while also maximising productivity and customer service.


As many outsourcers in the business of providing customer care know, it is all too easy to blame the front line when things go wrong. For too long, the back office in outsourced contact centres has been encumbered by outdated technology that is not fit for the industry’s demands. However, by rooting out inappropriate technology and understanding the need for real-time data collection, your agents can more consistently provide great service to your customers.


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