The contact center is in a unique position to influence the customer experience, as agents are often on the front lines of customer interaction at every touchpoint in the customer experience journey. One of the ways businesses can set agents up for more successful interactions and better customer outcomes is by leveraging state-of-the-art workforce management technology.

Drawing on survey data compiled by leading analyst firm Contact Babel and other authoritative sources, this eBook will explore many of the workforce considerations that play into the overall customer experience, as well as:

  • Why many businesses are prioritizing CX as a competitive differentiator over factors such as product quality and price
  • How to identify the individual needs of various stakeholders in every customer interaction
  • What to look for in an enterprise-class workforce management solution
  • Which workforce optimization capabilities are most highly valued by contact center leaders
  • How to assess the gaps in your current workforce management solution, and what next steps are needed
  • And more!