With the Avaya chapter 11 filing in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Avaya customers are rightly looking to mitigate risk that they perceive may result from this filing.

If you’re considering alternative solutions, consider Aspect! Aspect offers more than 40 years of experience and industry leadership. We've helped many former Avaya customers reduce risk, modernize their contact center capabilities and uncover cost efficiencies in the Cloud.

Take our Self-Assessment and Get a Customized Report

Curious how your contact center measures up? Complete our Contact Center Capabilities Self-Assessment, a short 10-minute online survey. The assessment results will help you compare the state of your legacy Avaya contact center infrastructure to a contemporary solution focusing on ten key capability areas that affect customer experience.

After you complete the assessment, you'll receive a custom report and matrix showing how your current and desired states compare. You’ll also receive a research eBook which shares the aggregate results and findings from the 500+ companies across a cross section of industries who have already completed the assessment.

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Explore Aspect Via, our first-of-its-kind customer engagement center in the Cloud.

Featuring omni-channel and service intelligence capabilities.

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40+ years experience leading
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The Time is Now to Mitigate Your Avaya Risk and Enjoy a Fuller Featured, More Economical Solution

The time is now to mitigate the risk of operating your legacy Avaya solution. Aspect offers a fully featured state of the art Avaya alternative with an award-winning user interface agents and supervisors love, plus competitive pricing built around your businesses’ unique objectives and requirements.