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Premises, Hosted
Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America

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- Aspect Unified IP

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AMC Technology

AMC Technology’s Contact Canvas CRM integration solutions for contact centers provide packaged integration with leading business applications such as Salesforce, SAP, Oracle Siebel, Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle PeopleSoft and Microsoft Dynamics. Businesses can improve call management by using Contact Canvas to add softphone controls, caller identification and automatic screen population.

AMC Contact Canvas is a pre-built and certified software product suite that integrates CRM applications with CTI communication platforms, allowing users to leverage AMC's robust business application and multi-channel framework across the enterprise. Contact Canvas leverages AMC’s core functionality, AMC’s Heritage Multi Channel Integration Server (MCIS), to provide integration into Application Adapters and Voice Drivers while also extending integration across the enterprise.

Contact center agents and knowledge workers can place, receive, transfer and conference customer interactions with full, real-time access to customer information. Screen Pop is enabled through CCS’s ability to transfer data from the CTI into an instant, convenient display of customer information in the CRM application. Mobile agents now have real-time access to customer data, record updates, and synchronizations with the database. Contact Canvas also provides a corporate-wide platform for supporting business process enabled communication across voice, chat, email, and even social networking systems.

AMC Contact Canvas System Diagram

AMC Contact Canvas System Diagram

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