Self-Service Development Tools

Tools to deliver compelling automated communications applications to customers.

Aspect offers various tools to help developers and business users alike deliver compelling automated communications applications to their customers. Whether it is traditional IVR (Interactive Voice Response) applications to prequalify a caller before transferring to an agent in the contact center, full-fledged self-service voice portals to give customers 24/7 access to critical business data, advanced ITR (Interactive Text Response) or mobile applications that allow the mobile customer of today to conduct business over text channels such as SMS, Instant Messaging, or mobile apps, Aspect has you covered.

With our drag-and-drop tools, developers get all the features and functionalities they need to build, deploy, manage, report and analyze automated communications applications on channels as diverse as:

  • Voice
  • 2-way SMS
  • Instant Messaging on Social Media Channels
  • Mobile
  • Web

Our main graphical developer and business user tools are:

  • CX Designer: Developers use CX Designer to build, deploy and maintain omni-channel self-service applications. This web-based tool features drag-and-drop application development based on an object-based dialog design paradigm and visual call flow representation. It integrates with CX Commander for service operations and management (OAM&P) tasks.
  • CX Business User Interface: Business users can use the Web-based BUI (Business User Interface) to control aspects of the application that do not require developer intervention. From prompt changes to holiday outage notification activation, to changes of business hours or call transfer destination numbers, business users get an easy-to-use tool for quick changes to running applications without having to go through IT or lengthy internal change management processes.


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