Telecom APIs for CEBP

A Next Generation of Automated Communication with Business Processes

Telecom APIs are enabling the use of telecom and telephony services such as outbound phone calls, SMS messages, or Interactive Voice Response over programmatic interfaces that developers can use to embed (automated) communication technologies into existing business processes. The industry term Communications-Enabled Business Processes (CEBP) describes this approach of exploiting technology to eliminate latency within workflows to get results faster, resulting in higher efficiency and lower costs.

How Can Aspect Help You?

Streamline interactions over a period of time: With applications ranging from post-operative care reminders that reduce healthcare readmissions to automated workflows for order and claims processing, most B2B and B2C enterprises have opportunities to expedite transactions and reduce the possibility of error. Aspect’s unique multi-modal focus allows for CEBP to be tailored to the most appropriate channel, such as voice, text or mobile applications.

Automate delivery of information and common transactions: Utilize mobile channels and interactive voice response (IVR) applications to easily respond to simple information requests, and perform common functions like transfers and confirmations. Efficiently deliver outbound IVR and SMS notifications such as alerts and reminders.

Improve workflows: Deploy a workflow management system that automates repetitive tasks, notifies employees of incoming tasks and follows up on uncompleted items. Reduce latency by automating tasks like form processing and mobile workforce check-ins. Opportunities for improved business process management can be found in many departments, including project management, manufacturing, supply chain management, accounting, and recruiting, resulting in reduction of internal bottlenecks, improved efficiency for internal teams and more agility in the competitive marketplace.

Key Benefits:

  • One platform for multi-modal communications applications that can be deployed across voice (IVR), text, mobile and social channels
  • 100% standards-based and future-proof solution without vendor lock-in
  • Carrier-grade platform that scales with your business and future automation needs
  • Easy to integrate with all existing CRM, CEM, CFM, CSS, ERP, WFM, BPM solutions
  • Powerful analytics and dashboards for assessing and optimizing workflow management
  • Global cloud hosting, premises and hybrid deployment options
  • Simplifies delivery of Communications as a Service (CaaS)