When Your Contact Centre Needs Burstability, The Cloud Saves the Day

How often does your contact centre experience a sudden spike in activity? Are there ever urgent needs that require your facility to scale up quickly? When you need burstability—the power to scale at any moment—a cloud contact centre is the perfect option to react quickly to changing market demands, making your business more agile and competitive. For example, Aspect’s Zipwire Cloud Contact Centre solution automatically makes capacity available to you, meaning there’s no need to wait for resources to be deployed. Customers will be less inclined to leave for another business because wait time will be reduced. When call volume goes back down, the cloud will make it seamless to scale to normal levels.

Here are a few more scenarios that may occur in the next few months that require quick scalability:

  • School Closures/Emergencies: Severe storms are bound to hit, resulting in school closures. In fact, storms knocked out power in Texas in early October, already resulting in school cancellations one month into the school year. When these storms inevitably strike during the fall and winter, concerned parents will be calling the school in droves, asking if their children will be released for the day. School systems should look toward a cloud solution to handle any unanticipated spikes in call activity and to proactively and quickly send mass outbound notifications with the information parents need.

  • Service Outages from Storms: Hurricane season lasts until the end of November, and then snow storm season will pick up across the country. Like school cancellations, large-scale service outages will occur because of these storms, resulting in endless callers asking when their power will be restored. By investing in a cloud contact centre that enables them to turn up capacity at any time, utility companies can prepare for these unforeseen customer inquiries.

  • Black Friday/Holiday Shopping: It’s never too early to prepare for the annual holiday shopping season. Before we know it, retailers’ phone lines will be ringing off the hook leading up to Black Friday and through the holiday shopping season, as potential customers ask about special deals and store hours. To prepare for this hectic shopping season and ensure that consumers will be able to place orders and receive answers when they want them, businesses should migrate to cloud technology that guarantees less wait time, reduced abandonment rates and a leg up on their competition.

When you look for a cloud contact centre vendor, ensure its network model supports capacity well in excess of peak call volume, with a common-sense pricing model that guarantees you only pay for the resources you use. Check out Aspect Cloud Call Centre Solutions today.