Customer Care Services

“Integrity, partnership, reliability, performance—it matters and I’m very proud to say that that’s what I do get from Aspect and we’re going to be strategic partners for a long time to come.”

– Steven Sands, President, CCS

Your mission is to provide superior experiences for your customers, with each and every interaction, whenever and however they choose, with no interruption or unexpected surprises. Aspect Customer Care ensures you have the latest technology to support your customers’ needs and help you stay up-to-date with complex, ever-changing regulatory compliance.

At Aspect, we take this mission seriously by backing our products with the most comprehensive customer care and investment protection offerings in the industry, designed to ensure stable and predictable performance for your key mission-critical applications. Our expert staff and extensive online resources are dedicated to providing your IT and operations personnel with everything they need to make the most of your Aspect investment.

Capabilities Highlights

Aspect Customer Care offers a full range of services to meet our customers’ specific enterprise application support needs.  For customers with robust in-house IT infrastructures, we offer remote mission-critical phone support and proactive application updates.  And for our customers who are seeking to offload daily monitoring and management tasks, trust in Aspect to support the applications that are built on our own software. 

Whether the problem is large or small, with Aspect Customer Care you’ll get help quickly and efficiently at every touch point.

Always available

Our skilled service professionals provide a single point of contact available 24x7x365. Remote capabilities and geographically-deployed field engineers drive timely resolution across a full range of issues.

Fast resolution

We’ve developed a case management process that provides effective solutions quickly and efficiently. Tiered escalation procedures make sure business-critical issues are given special priority.

Collaborative self-service

If you’d like to take care of issues on your own, we provide you with all kinds of tools to get the job done. The Aspect Community portal gives you a forum to access the knowledge of our experts and other users.

Proactive support services

Our engineers are always looking ahead to spot potential issues and correct them long before they become problems. With Aspect Customer Care, you’ll receive free software upgrades and service packs to help maintain peak performance.  


4.4 out of 5.0 average customer satisfaction ratings
Less than a minute average call response time
86% severity 1 cases resolved in 24 hours
56% of all cases resolved within 24 hours
24x7x365 follow-the-sun customer care
Customer Care provided in eight languages
400 customer care staff around the world


Software Updates
Included software updates keeps your systems current with the latest Aspect product software releases and new capabilities.

Proactive Monitoring
Take proactive steps to safeguard your system and avoid service affecting issues.

Always Available
Staff from around the world provide 24x7 follow the sun support.

Fast Resolution
Customer care experts and self-service tools that make it easy for you to quickly get the information and help you need.

Escalation Procedures
Tiered escalation procedures ensure a priority response to your business-critical issues.

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