What Are the Most Innovative Workforce Management Best Practices

Today's contact centers look very different than they did just several years ago. The utilization of remote agents has become commonplace as legacy infrastructure has taken a back seat to the benefits of cloud-based, software-defined solutions. In addition, customers today demand support across channels, in addition to robust self-service solutions. With the introduction of call center workforce management solutions, contact center leaders have the potential to meet the needs of agents and customers alike in the changing landscape of today’s contact centers.

But in order to get the most out of your workforce management software, you must follow best practices. That way, you can ensure optimal agent productivity and the most satisfactory customer experience.

Here are some of the best practices you should be following:

Train agents to utilize self-service features

In recent studies, 3 out of 4 consumers prefer to solve customer service issues on their own. It is likely that your agents feel the same way. Workforce management software provides agents the ability to manage their own schedules and leverage self-teaching tools. Empower your agents by teaching them to utilize these tools and you’ll increase productivity and improve morale—with the added bonus of freeing up management to focus on broader company initiatives.

Get the buy-in of your remote workers

Working remotely provides agents with a sense of autonomy. Integrating workforce management software might make them feel that their freedom is being threatened, but the reality is that WFM software can help them reduce work backlogs, reduce unexpected overtime and last-minute scheduling changes. Making sure your remote personnel understand all the benefits will help you get their buy-in, in turn leading to a higher adoption rate and greater consistency across the contact center.

Assign dedicated personnel to oversee WFM applications

Today’s businesses rely on access to big data to drive company policy. Workforce management software offers the opportunity to capture large volumes of data that can assist agents, management, back-office personnel and other decision makers within your organization. In order to take full advantage of the benefits provided of big data, it is important to assign resources that can focus their energy on analyzing this data and using it to create company-wide initiatives. If you do not have dedicated personnel for this task, subtle trends within your data may not be recognized and opportunities may be missed.

The agents in your contact center help drive sales, engage customers and set up your organization to achieve long-term success. By providing them with innovative call center software, you are putting your contact center in a position to become the motor of that success.