Solving Common Contact Center Challenges with Cloud Technology

Cloud contact centers utilize software as a service (SaaS) deployed, stored and architected specifically for the cloud. It can be rolled out with minimal disruption to business operations and is always up to date with newest software releases automatically applied seamlessly by the software vendor.

Contact centers using cloud technology have four critical advantages that are difficult to ignore:

OPEX vs. CAPEX Cost Savings

While a premise-based contact center can provide state-of-the-art features, it also comes with a large up-front cost. With technology advancing at breakneck speed, soon enough the latest and greatest features are yesterday’s news.

Cloud contact centers flip the script on the traditional CAPEX pricing. With no hardware to buy, OPEX pricing provides cost-savings from the very start. Additionally, the continuous delivery model in the cloud mean contact centers are always running the most recent software available, reducing the need for costly upgrades and upkeep.

Choose the Cloud Deployment that Makes Sense for Your Business

Considering that there are benefits and drawbacks to every deployment model, what is right for one business may be completely wrong for another. Even when migrating from an on-premise solution to the cloud, there are several cloud environments available to choose from. Whether your organization requires a local/private cloud or uses a public cloud such as AWS or Azure, Aspect's cloud neutral contact center platform works seamlessly with the cloud of your choice, even hybrid configurations.

With no hardware to purchase and software to install, the time it takes to get up and running is greatly diminished — saving you not only time, but money as well.

The Highest Level of Contact Center Reliability

When outages occur and customers are unable to get an answer to their question or resolution to their issue, they become frustrated — frustrated enough to take their business elsewhere. The likelihood of downtime is greatly reduced with cloud contact centers. Geographically dispersed data centers increases reliability. Upgrades and maintenance windows are predicable with minimal downtime. And, without the need to focus on the infrastructure, companies can focus on providing incredible service to their customers.

Flexibility to Scale as Business Needs Change

Aspect's cloud contact center platform is designed to allow businesses to start with the capabilities you need now, and then add or remove capabilities depending on the needs of your contact center and agents. Easily add seats as your business expands.

Cloud contact centers can quickly react to changing needs making businesses more agile and competitive. With capacity always available, there is no need to wait for additional resources to be deployed. Increasing the number of agents available, reduces wait time for customers, providing a better experience and a stronger relationship. And, when call volume returns to normal levels, the cloud makes it seamless to scale back down.

To see how your organization can realize the benefits of the cloud, contact us today.