Improve Performance throughout the Organization

The contact center is overflowing with data that can provide valuable insights about what is working and what is not. Unfortunately, this valuable information is often locked away in disparate contact center systems, and there is no easy way to consolidate, correlate and display key information relevant to each employee’s role.

  • Surface valuable insights using simple widgets and dashboard displays.
  • Align individual goals with enterprise strategic priorities at every level in the organization.
  • Ensure a sharp focus on metrics that will quickly drive change.
  • Provide a “single source of truth” for data from different systems in the contact center, including Aspect® Engagement Analytics.
  • Show results in many graphically revealing forms including heat maps.

See how it works! Watch the video to see Aspect's performance management solutions in action.


Aspect performance management software report example
Performance management software assignment example


Coaching for Optimal Performance

Aspect Coaching helps ensure your staff gets the corrective training they need by making the cradle-to-grave coaching process as simple as possible.

  • Automatic or manually initiated coaching workflows guide the coaching process.
  • Tight interoperability with Aspect® Quality Management helps you achieve even better outcomes.
  • Coaching analytics help determine the best coaching to use.
  • Coaching rule templates allow you to fully automate the coaching process, including the ability to define required timeframes and provide links to coaching materials.

Engage Your Agents with Gamification

Transforming the agent’s traditional work experience into an environment of friendly competition helps make repetitive tasks more fun and keeps agents engaged in their work.

  • Create targeted challenges with rules, goals and rewards set by the supervisor.
  • Regularly remind agents of challenges currently in process with our Challenge Dashboard Widget.
  • Display awards using the Badging Widget to showcase agents' good performance.
  • Highlight leaderboard standings in graphical form using metric, KPI and Scorecard Widgets.
  • Make gamification more social with employee and team online profiles.



Get the Capabilities You Need, Deployed the Way You Want

Aspect’s call center solutions can be deployed on-premises, hosted, or in the cloud, offering your organization the flexibility to deploy contact center applications within the environment that best suits your needs. This also allows you to plan to move to the cloud at your own pace, or continue to utilize the deployment that makes the most sense for your business. Aspect's cloud contact center platform, Aspect Via® allows your business to adopt applications modularly, adding capabilities to your call center at your own pace. Aspect® Unified IP® includes all contact center applications in a single, complete, ready-to-deploy contact center platform and solution. Aspect solutions also seamlessly integrate with third party applications, allowing data to flow freely across contact center and workforce optimization functions and the rest of the enterprise.


Aspect® Professional Services for Performance Management

Customize Your Performance Management Solution

Agent engagement is essential to achieving contact center KPIs. The Aspect Professional Services team has the years of professional experience and technical expertise necessary to develop and implement specialized applications that extend the capabilities of your Aspect Performance Management solution.

Case Study

RCN Could Not Monitor Agent Performance Until Implementing Aspect Performance Management

RCN wanted to focus more on the customer experience and productivity of agents, but it lacked the ability to aggregate performance data to track the actual progress toward new customer sat and agent productivity goals.  After implementing Aspect Performance Management, RCN improved productivity by 3% and drove agent attrition down by 50%, saving $500,000 annually.



What is Performance Management Software?

Performance management is a type of contact center software that collects, correlates and displays information relevant to each user’s role and responsibilities, whether they be agent, supervisor, business analyst or executive. This flexible tool can quickly reveal valuable new insights by enabling the tracking of personal and group performance vs. goal using a wide range of metrics with data sourced from many contact center systems.

It systematically uses statistical data to automate, manage and drive the employee performance management process. The software helps set clear expectations for employees, provides employees with daily feedback on their performance against those expectations, rewards employees for performance through incentives and performance-related pay and creates and executes targeted development plans, all delivering sustained performance improvements for the organization.

Since performance management usually derives its data from many sources within the contact center, sometimes with overlapping fields of the same data, performance management is often regarded as a “single source of truth” since disparate systems may portray data in contradictory ways that make it impossible to compare against target KPIs.